A serious complaint

Don’t mean to be that guy, but this is just ridiculous. I made my forum account just to make this post. That’s how appalled I am.

Why is there no Halloween HC??? Have you all gone mad? Do you want your houses egged? Your basements haunted? Do you want me to come down there myself and smack you over the head with a pumpkin? How DARE you not pay tribute to the greatest holiday of all time. I am sickened by this display.

(this post is kind of a joke but next year’s halloween better be good :imp:)

There are limited staff in the game’s current state. Slayer is about the only active mod who is really dedicated, despite the event starting nearly late. While Pencil and Prism drop in to fix some issues and Kirk is handling the coding aspects.

(i just learned how replies work ok)
Yeah makes sense. Event or no event I can deal but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little peeved about it. I’m just crazy about Halloween.

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I feel you. Just about everyone wants a HC.

HC are rarely before the actual holiday, the staff like to test and make sure we don’t get zekrom in eggs (Something that I heard has accidentally happened in staff beta testing new dungeons before) not to mention what has probably happened that they haven’t told us, we don’t want a repeat of mightyena in eggs on release or worse, so as Tidy said staff are low in numbers so just let them take their time, or skip in and work on something else.

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