Account Return

Hello everyone!
As you know i am RichardG/Waterbolt.
For about 5 years this account has been lost and for some odd reason, couldn’t be accessed…until now. thanks to some help, This account has been made accessible to me again. When I lost this had to make a new account due to the forums being mean to me.(i hate captchas that don’t work) This happened multiple times which is why you may see some similar or near duplicate names as well as my old name, Haxdreinite. Those are all prior accounts i had to keep making. But not I’m happy that problems have been resolved and I got my original forum account back.

Hopefully this clarifies any confusions out there and i look forward to being much more active on the forums again!

Welcome back to the forums! Im glad you got your account settled.

It’s great to be back. Long wait but I think the wait is gonna be considered worth it. So much to explore and learn from what has changed since I last remember it.

Welcome back! Always wondered why you were dead on the forum, aha.