Add More Music Items As Rare End Room / SR / Boss Drops

Music items are some of my favorite items in the game. However, at the moment, we don’t have very many readily available. Here are some of my suggestions.

PSMD) Tree of Life: Roots

Perhaps this item can be found in Ashen Graveyard as an end box item. Additionally, since Archipelago Thicket doesn’t have a Secret Room, it could be added there if one is created.

GtI) Stony Cave

Rocky Ravine is rather underwhelming in terms of use right now, so why not add a music item to its end boxes? I’d suggest one that plays Stony Cave from Gates to Infinity.

SwSh) Slumbering Weald

The bosses of Mystic Coven don’t drop anything, so maybe one of them could have a rare chance of dropping a music item?

SwSh) Tower of Darkness
SwSh) Tower of Waters

Maybe the left/right bosses of Tanren Training Dojo (Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan) could have a chance of dropping a music item? That could make TTD a little more fun to run.

BDSP) Lake Cavern

I feel like SA depths needs something, so perhaps a music item could be a rare boss drop from the Lake Trio.

Most of them I deffo agree on. However, I feel like the tower of darkness should have a chance on all 3 paths due to TTD having the black silk.

Tower of Waters, however, I feel like it could go into WTD instead. The WTD end box isn’t great, and when ice melts it’s water so i feel like it would fit WTD more than TTD.

As for the tree of life: roots, I don’t think it should go into either AG or AT. AT already has plates and some exclusive items in it, and AG I think we can all agree it is fine as it is. I feel that this one could actually fit Voltaic Rainforest better. Raikou basically either drops nothing or it’s slate. And of my 15 runs in voltaic, TM thunder never appeared. I feel like Raikou could get a better drop on this.

Edit: Tree of life may also could be a very early game item in like tiny grotto as a rare drop from ivysaur as like an easter egg for new players (?)

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