Additional Features for Guilds


Hi! I’d like to suggest more options for guilds, One being that in the guild chat the rank of a member is always visible, whenever a guild mate is coming online that it can be seen by others and the addition of a guild house that can be customized by the founder(/s) as an additional house.

A minor adjustment could be that the prize for another guild member should be set to a certain amount, rather than to become higher over time, as this inclusion really makes no sense at all. (I’m aware that guilds would get overcrowded, but there is probably a possibilty of setting a guild to a certain size.)

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I think adding constantly displayed ranks would just flood the chat even more since the guild name is hooked up to the player’s to begin with. Though it’s something probably achievable better by implementing colored guild names in the guild chat, just as in the overworld. For eg, The message of an Admin of the guild “xyz” would look something like : " ExampleBoi [xyz]: Morning! " as opposed to the full standard cyan color.
Regardless, this feature seems redundant for most of the part given we have the /onlineguild command to check the ranks of our respective members and subsequently reach out to them for help.

This has been suggested a lot in the past by multiple people, and I can agree with it. Having a guild base with perhaps even some special map attributes such as a guild treasury (common guild storage), guild shops, etc would be great.

Incrementing the price for adding members in all honesty is a good mechanic. Not just taking overcrowding into account, more the people you have, richer is the guild. It only makes sense that it’s going to cost you more for wanting more. Also it serves for a good money sink as well, promotes cleaning the guild regularly and in general makes things slightly more interesting. Not to mention, the people who would rather have a small group of friends as a guild, can do so without worrying about piles of poke to pay.
Therefore I’ll have to disagree with the last suggestion.

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As much as i’d really love more features for guilds unfortunately… we dont really have the coding skill necessary for changes yet. I’d love the idea of guild bases and such and this idea has been passed around and suggested for a long time.

I don’t think its needed for guild chat to display your ranks, as Veezo said we have an /onlineguild command that displays just that! I think most people know who their founders and admins are anyways.

Veezo was also right on point with guild funds being a money sink, that is likely not going to be changed anytime soon even if it can get steep with amount of members.