Addressing The Current Server Downtime

Good day to you fine members of the PMU Community. Lately there has been quite a few questions regarding the current state of the server; why it is down and when we can expect it to be back up and running…

Well today, I hope to answer a few of the more common questions with this news post, and to hopefully update a few people regarding the current state of the server. Without going into too much detail, unforeseen circumstances have required us to take the server offline. However, please know that it is quite important, and that all members of the staff team are working hard to bring the server back to the players.

There have been quite a few posts in the support thread regarding issues with the client, many of which are caused by the server downtime… If you are someone who is having issues getting your client to work; it is advised to wait until we have the server back up, then try again. If the problem continues, contact a staff member (or myself), and we will help in what ways we can.

As for when the server will be back up… At this time, we have no estimated time for when we can put the server back up. We are working as quickly as we can, but we currently have quite a bit of work to sort out before we can even make an estimate. We are deeply sorry for this downtime, and have planned compensation due to this long downtime for all members of the PMU Community for when we do get the server back up. We will provide more news regarding the server when we can…

To pass the time, we have re-opened our Pokemon Online server. For anyone who doesn’t know what PO is, it is a free Pokemon Battle Simulator, more information (including the download) can be found on this website:
The PMU Chatango has also been quite lively recently:

That is the extension of what we can say at this time… We just want to let you guys know that we are still alive, and we are working as best as we can during these hard times… On behalf of our staff team we would like to thank you all for being so patient during the downtime, and we hope to provide more information shortly.

Thank you.
-The Pokemon Mystery Universe Staff Team

Thanks for the info and good luck on fixing it!

Thank you for providing us with such information. . . i do have a question though, what inspired you to make these drastic changes to PMU?

It isn’t so much that we were inspired to make changes… It was something that just had to happen. Without context, it doesn’t make much sense, but hopefully we will fill you guys in at a later time.

So how did the server go down???


:O the Magikarp used splash on the server?

I go to Alaska for two weeks… I thought it would be up… Oh we’ll… School is coming anyways :/

Thanks for providing us with information on what’s going on in PMU. Its kind of disappointing though that there isn’t a reasonable explanation as to why the server is down though. I’ve been hearing a lot of he/she said rumors as to why the server is down, from what I hear a couple of staff members are only discussing this with favored players. I guess most of us we’ll be kept in the dark until the server gets back up.

I’m sorry, but this seems to just be a whole lot of nothing. You’ve told us that there’s a problem but you haven’t told us what the problem is … :/

I think dragging this out longer than it needs to be will just cause more anger and speculation. The community should be filled in on the situation sooner rather than later, just so their reaction isn’t as huge because they had to wait such a long time to find out on the cause of maintenance, that won’t even be revealed… just my thoughts.

I don’t really think this helps. I looked at the other comments from other people, and now i’m understanding why. I appreciate all of this, but it doesn’t really answer the questions we all want most. Such as;
How long will it be down for:
Why did it go offline in the first place:

and such… but at the moment, I don’t think this really does anything for us. But I do appreciate all of this.

So you want them to list every bug and error with it? Because their are multiple problems and probably wouldn’t fit one page AND we don’t need to know about, people act like it is so easy to script and make games and then fix bugs and errors because you gotta go back and rewrite / redo what you added before to make it better.

So you want them to list every bug and error with it? Because their are multiple problems and probably wouldn’t fit one page AND we don’t need to know about, people act like it is so easy to script and make games and then fix bugs and errors because you gotta go back and rewrite / redo what you added before to make it better.[/quote]

I’d like to bring up what ZaratoX had posted.

I think Drakos, and a lot of others, including myself, just want to know the gist of what’s going on (more info than just “unexpected issues, emergency maintenance”), not every little problem that the Staff are facing.

Well, from why they’re keeping it quite secretive, I would think that it may be a huge update going on, but that’s just speculation as well. In fact, I feel like making speculation by extracting Yatter’s first post.

From these “unforeseen circumstances” and the fact that “all… the staff team are working hard to bring the server back” could mean that something with the programming of the game was messed up so much that they might have to recreate most of the coding for a lot of the game.

Because they “have quite a bit of work to sort out”, it’s makes my small theory a bit more concrete that some coding was messed up. Also, they “planned compensation due to this long downtime”, meaning that they are balancing the game in some way when the server does come back up. This “compensation” is unknown, so I would have to go into further speculation of what this neutralization is. It could be relative to some coding being overwhelming to the server and could cause a lot of lag time, so my guess could be that it has to do with something about the server load-times for maps and other things relative to the ping. But this also could relate to a huge glitch that might be game-breaking, so they may want to eliminate it so players don’t get effected by it.

But nothing is certain at the moment until staff notify us about things. And, according to Yatters:

This might mean that the staff probably don’t know what the problem truly is, but they’re trying to find out what’s going on with the server and figuring out how to fix it.

So, until more information is supplied, I look forward to the update of what is happening.

for a topic that addresses the current downtime, it sure is unreliable and useless at this point.
lets review the facts about the admins post:

  1. there is absolutely no detail of what is actually wrong with it, due to either not having, or not willing to give, details to the community.
  2. the post was the first one i have seen by the admins in almost a month now, and they realize that based on what the message basically did.
  3. it confirmed what everyone already knew: the server is down and there is not a estimate of time for when it will come back up, noone is sure of what is wrong with the server, and the admins are working as quickly as they can to sort these issues that have not been found yet out.
  4. in the end, they put you at ease knowing that they will update us on the status of the server, and tried to distract us with shiny things i call links to community chat/interaction areas, so that we will be going and talking to one another over this and making hysterical hearsay about what is or isnt going on with the admins and the server. then the occasional appearance on the chatango giving out vague notions of what is going on that noone can be sure about.

and here is what we have now:

  1. Everyone is talking amongst themselves about rumors that are based on almost nothing except the slightest notion or hint at something.
  2. People aren’t even talking about when the server will be up, just about what is going to change, or what will be different, thanks to the compensation part the admins added in the end, added to the amount of time server already has been down, and how many changes MIGHT be taking place.
  3. Instead of questioning the admins directly, everyone is questioning other community members who have heard a rumor, and then create a small branch off of that rumor based on what that person believes, and their own current rumors.
  4. So many rumors are going around that people are stating as if they are fact, noone can focus on what is true or not, and instead are creating more rumors, cause they are “getting the facts.” instead of being distracted by rumors(or so they would say)

And the result of all this:
We have done nothing but waste our time arguing amongst ourselves over what is or isnt fact, and giving the admins more breathing room to fix the server while we are distracted.
in short: u have been played community, and the admins are smart enough to distract all of u with things u already knew. if they are clever enough to do that, i’d say they can fix a server.

Are there major changes going to dungeon fighting? What I mean is are you trying to work on it being turn based like the other games? I just think that would be a reason for a long down-time. Only idea I would have.

Personally, I don’t think the news post was useless. Although it didn’t reveal much, It’s still reassuring, at least to me, that an administrator acknowledged the current downtime and that we are told that they are working on it. Also, since Yatterman said that there was no estimated time for when it would be back up, we can say that there’s a while yet until the server would be back up, so we won’t be disappointed when we may think it would be up tomorrow, and it ends up not coming up that date.

The goal of this post was clearly stated, just to address some concerns and let everyone know that the staff are still working on the server. We will just have to wait for the next update the give us; I do wish we had some more info though.

It actually was posted as a distraction, purposefully. I think you might be overanalzying the post. I see it as something else to do with the PMU community, while we wait for things to clear up. Though the rumors flying around are a drawback to that.

I just wish the staff team luck with whatever maintenance or work they might be doing with the server. Hopefully it will be up and running soon! But more details on the situation and an estimated date would be lovely, its a little frustrating waiting around without any news regarding the actual downtime.