Any Chance we're able to change forum names?

Not too big of a deal but i’d really like to have my forums account matching ingame! I made my forum account before i created my current profile ingame so they do not match. Is there any plans to have this be a feature in the future or is this something admins are able to change?

I feel like a forum name change system would be sweet, of course a compensation to change it would probably be required though.
Currently, I believe the best way to change it is through messaging the admins? I can’t remember the name but I recall somebody having their name changed via admin some time ago last year.
But still agree that a system of sort should be added on the forum though.

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Years, ago the old forum system had a profile field for “in game name”.
I don’t know if this system has it, but if signatures are a thing, you can always display it there.

The current forum system still has that.

Signatures aren’t a thing ( I wish they were ) but you could make one yourself In every single post I guess :sunkern:

Anyway, yeah you can set your In-game name but the Initial question was changing forum names.
It’s been done before mine was changed and I didn’t even need ask O⎵O so If you ask someone ( Andy most likely ) you can probably get your username changed.

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yeah i have it displayed under my ingame but would really like my actual name changed haha.

thank you for the answers! ill see about dm’ing a staff about it!

There’s a setting to display “full” names more prominently than usernames if they’re set. It looks like this:

If people prefer that, we can make it the default. Otherwise name changes on the forums have to be handled manually on a case-by-case basis for the foreseeable future - at least for now.


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