Are you a Broakie, Chespwnage or Fennefan?


Simply put, which 6th generation starter appeals to you the most?

Chespin me right round, baby right round.~ :'D


Fennekin’s foxyness

FOX POWER!! -spazz of Fox fan-



As, much as I’ve loved the water starters…
I’m afraid I like Chespin. Fennekin is alright, but I like Chespin more.
So yes Chespin!


Fennekin all the way~ Yay for quadruped, furry, canine/feline-like animals! :'D


Fennekin for the win~ ^^


Well im really hating on the gen 3 starters…
Im hating Chespin the most since he doesnt even look like a starter…he looks more like one of those useless begging pokemon (like Rattata is for gen 1 and Patrat for gen 5…)
Ok this one at least looks like a starter but its model really bugs me…
So…now we have the good sister of Zorua? This one annoys me the least actually, looks like a starter, good model but…kinda of a Zorua…

For me starters are something that are different and i mean a lot different from other pokemon…but these arent really.


Chespin FTW! :3

X and Y Starters in my Favorite Order: (hespin, |=roakie, and |=ennekin.

Not that I have anything against Fennekin, but it’s just my opinion.



…yeah. XD


Chespin is adorbs. <3


Chespin all the way. <3


Chespin needs a little bit o’ love. :heart:


It all depends, actually. Fennekin, if its evolutions don’t suck, or Chespin, if Fennekin’s evolutions suck.




For me, I don’t even like ANY of the Gen VI pokemon including the starters, because…well… they just don’t look like pokemon.


I kinda agree with that, as well, though most people hate me for that when I say it about Gen V and VI…