Art Doodle request/commissions

All the rules are in the picture, i’ll be taking 5 requests as a time so I don’t get overwhelmed


again, feel free to ask, I will say no if I feel its too complicated for me to draw instead of making you wait.

I do have a donation button below, raising money at the moment for a weekend away for my parents, details are in the link below
((if its not allowed i’ll remove it no worries))

btw, You don’t HAVE to donate, i’m just sliding that there incase anyone wanted to

I just really want to draw other peoples characters tbh

Draw me a Glaceon standing on its four legs with a lum berry necklace ~

Draw me a male Meganium with a Persim Band around its neck.

I’ve never drawn a Meganium before so please excuse the legs bwaha