Bergmite Spawn

So, Bergmite. A fun little ice pokemon. It is found at Iceberg Adrift from floors 36-42 and has a recruitment rate of -10% and is a very rare spawn. For a little iceberg, I think it’s a bit unreasonable- that makes it just as rare as many starter Pokemon! It doesn’t help that to get to Iceberg Adrift, you must go through Iceberg Cavern every time (and Sea Crevice once). So I suggest that it be made a little easier to get through any of these ways:

    1. It remains only in Iceberg Adrift and has the floors it spawns on increaced.
      1b. Instead, its spawn rate is increased.
    1. The Bergmite found in Crystal Ruins are made recruitable.
    1. Bergmite is added to Sky Fortress Ice Path eggs.
    1. Bergmite is added to Winden Pass as a time counterpart to Snorunt. (courtesy of Turtwing A for this one)
    1. A new dungeon is made with it as a recruit.
    1. Other- please suggest and discuss other alternatives.

Umm… Frigid Heights?

  1. Avalugg is pretty good
  2. RD has a lot of them with a way better recruit rate (base 5% iirc, might be -5%)
  3. Frigid Heights exist

So… if you haven’t noticed this topic is a year old and was made before Frigid Heights was a thing. This probably isn’t relevant since Frigid Heights is a thing now. But before it was an area, all my points stood.

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This thread is very old and likely should have been responded to by staff with the expansion of Bergmite’s locations. I will be locking it soon if there are no additional concerns about Bergmite’s distribution !