Better(?) Berry Sprites

Como estas mi amigos, It me.
Señor Kirk expressed how he didn’t like the way the “minimized” berry sprites looked.

”, I said.
“I hope someday someone or a bunch of people can fix 'em”, Kirk said.

So yesterday night while waiting for It to be 12:00 AM so I could celebrate an artificial holiday that can revolve around people other than just me, I took a crack at trying to Improve the berry sprites. It wasn’t very hard, and was pretty fun. This was my “project” of sorts today as It’s what I ended up being busy doing on my birthday.

Berries ← Mine ~ Original →Berries Old

Every Berry excluding the Durin Berry because that sprite Is so cluttered that It already looks okay, has been altered or polished, especially to look less deformed. Some more noticeable than others as not all of them needed that much fixing. I also made small versions of the Maranga, Kee, and Roseli Berries. My sheet Includes an alternate colored Qualot Berry sprite at the bottom, because I am petty and hate how the sprite doesn’t look that close to the actual artwork >:(

Anyway that’s about all there Is to It lol
I hope I did a good job with It :wigglyjoy:


These are great!, Thanks for cleaning them!

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Nice job! You have talent :smiley:

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Deleca, from what I’ve seen, all your sprites are amazing! :buiwave:

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