Can't figure out how to open chat in the game

hi im new here to the game,im apart of the furry community(was browsing the web for art related to pmd when i came across a youtube video about this game,well,i figured i’d try it out (my nintendo 3ds went bad a month after i got it from my mom for my birthday 3 years ago and since it was used,id figure i would just by a new one as i had just bought the 2 new pmd games,never got to finish them so i’m nostalgic at times and when i saw this game existed i was like no way!)
anyway i can’t figure out the button used to chat in the game and decided to ask the community,can someone please tell me how i go about doing this?

click the dark blue bar that’s below the long gray rectangular chat box and above the “channel:local” thing and type away

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thanks,i uhh just noticed this 3 minutes before you replied and then came across a post similar to my problem with the answer. thanks,much appreciated.