Ciel Yurie MUted


I swore HOw long am I muted?


Your best bet is to stay off of public forum topics and PM the Mod that muted you.

Staff List Here.


Yikes. After that religion debate between you and yatter (And I believe Shining) then you swear? You dun goofed son. You dun goofed.

Best bet is to do what Rennypants here says and contact the staff member who muted you. Chances are they probably pm"d you stating why (Likely because of you swearing) you were muted and for how long.

Or was Dandy just being a good little staff member and telling me? Ah. I remember that rage-mute. Good times. Good times.


You are muted for one day.
In the future, please don"t make threads about it on the forums.