Completion of Website Maintenance + Updates

As many of you may have noticed, the website/forums have been inaccessible lately.

Unfortunately what had happened is our previous web server host terminated our service and dumped all of our data. This was the same web server that we’ve had for roughly a year now. It originally carried an existing balance on it worth roughly six months of server time. Only one of our administrators had access to the account for receiving invoices and making payments, whom of which unfortunately disappeared some time ago. Of course once that balance ran out a week earlier than we expected, we were met with some troubles.

Fortunately, we had backups. Unfortunately, the latest backup we had was from the 6th of April… so there’s been a one-month rollback to the forums as a result. Due to the nature of things, there was a lot of manual reconfiguration and maintenance involved. With that complete, everything is now back up and running as proper. To ensure this never occurs again as well as to provide a better experience to the community, we are also considering migrating to a much better forum software in the near future. The scheduled maintenance for that will be announced ahead of time.

We do apologise for any inconveniences caused. We understand that it’s certainly not a fun experience for anyone, and that merely apologising doesn’t solve anything.

Fortunately, several changes are currently underway in order to improve the team and the game, as well as your experience as a whole. Among those changes is a redesign of our website [thanks to Flare] which is already live. For those interested in helping out, please consider donating so that we can continue to keep the game running while still working on being your highest quality PMD MMO!