Hello I’am the guildmaster MasterShadowNinja

This is a guild that I have made called DayBreak. What we do in DayBreak,is to help other people who are struggling in the game and also we heavily emphize the word teamwork in order to create more bonds with in the guild. And to maintain the friendly enviornment in PMU.

We tend to not like egotistical people who puts people down and we would like to encourage people not just ourselves to improve in game but to improve as a better person.

List of requirements to join guild:
1.Got to make a promise not to quit the guild.
2.You got to have some decent maturity as in, no begging,spamming, or offencive language in guild chat and ect.
3.You also have to have a reason why to join this guild excluding (I want to be in this guild because I’am guildless)
4.You gotta have zero history on cyberbullying or harrassing other players.

1.Obey your guildmaster and his co leaders.
2.Respect your guildmates as if you want to be treated equally.
3.You will not and shall not threaten other players,or bully them in anyway.
4.You got to set a good example to other players.
5.No advertisements in guild chat.
6.No disscussion of pornography or any sexual stuff included.
7.If you are about to quit this guild theres a fee that you must get out of such as paying 50k due to the fact I might be spending money on you.
8.Do not start fights in public chat.
9.No spamming both guild and public chat.
10.Do not annoy the guildmaster.

Heres the list of players who are in the guild

Leader(green name): MasterShadowNinja

Co-Leaders (yellow names): Turtwig A,pordie29,Ultimo Yoshina

Members(blue):Jr Flame,Ultraviolet,The Executioner,Black Magic,FireBreather,BigJaws,Ralin,IllusDark,Telos,HolyDrift,CyanSira,power force,DoctorXii,SquirtehSquirtle


May I join

I want toulon for some help in training, I’m guileless, SS isn’t here anymore, and I want to earn a guild


I want toulon for some help in training, I’m guileless, SS isn’t here anymore, and I want to earn a guild


Um…dude…you could use the edit button insted of double posting, blazie. :S


Random note: RockMaster and Jay Rainbowheart had a random war,SPOINK KEELZ!