Double story trigger - Iceberg Adrift

Summary of Bug: Double Story boss spawn in the end of IA.

What you were doing at the time: Entering the bossroom at the end of IA after using a Key of the Winds.

Where you were in the game/menus: Past the Team Agony boss, past the Key door on the map after

What happened: Entering the bossroom normally prompts you with the Yes/No question to enter for Suicune’s boss fight. Sadly i slided across the tile that prompts you, got the yes/no question, but it seems behind the tile for the question, you directly enter the map, So i slided straight into the next room due to the client not stopping.

So you get to the new map and have to still do yes/no as i cant move elsewise. did yes, map re-loaded. and the Suicune story loads, the fight starts. and the story loads once more (While under attack…) and made Suicune spawn TWICE. which is a big problem there.


Expected Result: Entering the bossroom and fighting Suicune normally.

Actual Result: Story triggered twice due to slide-entering the map due to client not stopping to move after a yes/no dialogue popped up.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Trying to enter the bossroom while sliding in your client. (A bug in itself) (Alternatively maybe press no to enter and still move north manually… but that will have no dialogue.)

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, logs) - attached below:


After inevitably using all my revs as i cant handle two at the same time, my menu still had a ‘Revive’ option when i had no revives left, and no Escape option when i did have a Escape rope on me, when pressing the Revive option. it only showed cancel. which then returned the Escape option which i did not trust as there have been occasions of people losing items due to glitchy escapes.

Had Slayer help revive me and manually escaped. to prevent any oddities there.

Should a video be needed let me know, but i’ll need the assistance of a staff member warping me back to the map before everytime to try reproduce it, as its a bit tedious to do a 1 hour + run for one attempt of a recording. ^^

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Thank you for the detailed report! We’ll look into this

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Allright, thanks!

A suggestion i do want to leave though on preventing this problem here, Is to maybe remove the map transition behind the yes/no dialogue, as saying yes warps you to the map regardless.

This limits you only beeing able to enter in one way. by saying yes x3

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ummmm is the server off tonight???