Down for Maintenance [Back Up!]

I’m kind of disappointed and relieved at the same time. I thought that something was wrong with my version of PMU, since I’ve been having trouble with it lately lol :’: . Anyway, I’d love to be added to the skype group! It’ll give me something to do while waiting for the server to get back online.

What’s your email adrees/username? We can add you C:

I just pm’d bloodthirst my e-mail. I’ll send it to you as well. :D

Good luck getting the server back up staff.

Thank you to you PMU Staff as well for trying to make this game a more interesting, less exploiting fun place and good luck with fixing the issue.

The server should be up soon in future I’m sure a little bug won’t keep it down!

Mmh. Here’s hoping to see we can keep PMU as bug free and secure as we possibly can!

Sorry for the late announcement, but the game is successfully back up. Thank you for your patience.

why is the server down?