Family items: protect from thrown items

Since enemies do not throw items, can the family items that protect from thrown items be repurposed somehow? I get the argument that we follow PMD fam items, but some need to be adjusted to PMU mechanics. This function could be replaced for all such items with a similar function. A few ideas come to mind but this could take the debate to a different direction so maybe let’s discuss the initial idea first.

One idea would be to give the user the reflect status. Any ideas on that? These items are completely useless at present so it’d be good to update their use.


Since as I mentioned before staff said that a rework of family like in the thread Family Item Changes would be too time-consuming given there current situation when asked about it on voice call awhile ago. Would it be more reasonable to ask for just for a fix for family items like these to be replaced to equivalent family items? Protect from thrown items, Kecleon shops, and SRs are all completely useless to my knowledge given how PMU works. Giving these pokemon unfair family item disadvantages. Maybe we can see them work in a way that allows them to work with PMU like the SR ones revel SRs, thrown items block moves from a certain distance and kecleon shops give discounts in dungeon kecleon shops. Not a lot of pokemon have these and I don’t see it being as big as a project as a balance at all, especially if it’s just a swap out for an ability that’s actually functional. To my knowledge 20 pokemon have these useless items.