Faster Mission Generation

Why can’t we have one mission appear once every hour – or once every 30 minutes?

I know, right? Missions sometimes delay a LOT to spawn!

there is already a system of mission appearing once per time change. However, this is only true or guaranteed only if you are online during the time change. I personally think this is already enough since 8 a day really is sufficient when you think about long term. Giving mission once an hour basically could break the economy as some people (including myself), play almost 24/7.

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so what? people early on are supposed to suffer with waiting up to four hours just for ten points just because “waaaah i can’t sell my items for as much money”?

Honestly, I do agree that the whole mission system needs a rework. Some missions just don’t make sense like how is Skylift A-tier, but Sea Crevice, one of the late game dungeons, also A-tier. That i agree the system needs a rework. But I believe that a mission per time change is enough. Sure sometimes you get E tier might not be the most ideal, but if you look at the big picture, those who is already in later games are going to keep getting *4,*5,*6, *7 missions a lot, and some of those items are very rare and could see for quite a lot.

I have to agree with Arti’s points brought up in both of their responses. Although it might be difficult to rebalance the mission system as a whole, I feel like reworking the mission ranks is a good start perhaps? Not all the late-game dungeon missions have to have high rewards/points, but I do think some mission ranks could be adjusted. If item rarity/rewards are a concern, those could easily be rebalanced as well probably.

Otherwise, I don’t think the mission system is that flawed though, it could just use minor reworks at most. Yeah, it does suck that you would have to wait all day before getting a one or couple “good” missions, but there’s always dozens of other players who can provide missions if need be.

Honestly I agree a lot to this. Some of the mission generating doesn’t make sense, like how Ash Forest is a *5 mission but Ashen Graveyard is *4. Another idea of balancing the rewards that you get from it. Tying to suggestion gave in this post about the mission reward rework, the idea of quest token could be a way to eliminate the wait four hours for a E mission that could potiential give useless items like sticks.

Another thing is that we could maybe do a mission board in each region, and have a different spawn period for them. For example, Exbel can have more common mission spawning time, since most dungeons, apart from HT and AF/AG (maybe SA at the greatest) doesn’t offer as much points as for example, archford where the board can give higher rank missions but a much slower mission spawnrate.

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