figured i should do one of these


hi i’m erin but you can call me whatever i guess ¯_(?)_/¯

figured i should do one of these because it’s fun and to also get one of those first 5 posts out of the way

i’m definitely not new to the game, played off and on, but my first and most played character was chara if. any of you remember that, it’s been a long time. she was a charmeleon. hoping to hop back into here every now and then.

but. got back into it wanting to play w my bf a bit. from a few hours of playtime i can see a lot has changed? a lot of old people that used to be here are either gone or have had their named changed (which is apparently a thing now and i love it???)

anyways. rambling. hi i’m ancient except not, because i was a wee bab when i first played and its Ech

i enjoy memes, pokemon, and long walks on the beach


Hi. :) Welcome to the Forums!