Forgot Username D,:

Returning player from a long time ago, Forgot the username to login. The character names were Melusa I think i have 2 maybe 3 slots taken up. If you need any more information let me know. Any help is appreciated thank you!

I think the username might have started with an E if that helps any? T.T

Sorry to hear you forgot it. ;-;
Your best bet is to contact a member of the staff team. Andy would probably be the best member of staff to contact since he’s admin.
The best way to contact him would probably be Discord since there’s more likely of a reply on there than the forum.
Hope this helped!

Contact Andy through the Discord.
While i don’t know if this is still required, provide a piece of evidence that shows you are the owner of the account. Such as a screenshot or a video.

If that fails, you can always start fresh.