Gift for SuzzyTheGrovyle

So i decided to make a Profile picture for my friend Suzzy ^-^
so i decided to post it here to see what everyone thought x3
so without further ado…

what do you think? let me know :3

:heart: :joy:
can u give Archy some tips on computer drawing since he is new at it

Thats pretty dang good im sure suzzy will love it :P

I have a tip Archy, Here what I do on paper, I look up a picture of something on the internet and try to draw it myself like to draw what I see (without Tracing it) until I Practice enough for me to draw it on my own without looking at something. ;) idk if this helps I never drew on computer before. :(

thanks milk ^-^ and yea suzzy that is a good idea but… i cannot hand draw… except eyes x3
but i can see what i can do thanks ^-^

Niiiiice! you got a new pic suzzy!

its pretty nice archy ^^ your drawing skills are pretty awesome keep it up :joy: :joy: :joy:

Your gift is beautiful. I hope Suzzy enjoyed this creation.

That’s cool archy!