Give Thanks!

Hello. I’ve started a similar topic way back in 2010 and thought i should give it another go. And since Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

The goal of this topic is simple. Help it grow while each reply gives their thanks for everything they are thankful for about PMU. Here are some things to consider, if you would like to add on:
-Friends. Who are you thankful for each day that you come login and chat with?
-Guilds. Have any guilds taken you in or has your own guild expanded with some of the best members?
-Staff. Any specific roles or members that have helped you or enhanced your experience?
-Locations/Dungeons. Any particular places you are thankful for? Maybe it’s somewhere you love to AFK. Maybe it’s somewhere that gives good XP. Maybe it’s somewhere you get useful items from.
If you have anything else you would love to add, feel free to.

I’ll start.
-Levy for being an old friend who is still around. He hasn’t changed his name and is always happy to chat when i message him.
-Dibei for assisting me with SF and taking some Pokemon House requests and is always happy to chat.
-OriginX for being a long lost friend who i am happy is still around.
-Andy for assisting with all my recoveries.
-Slayer93 for being the mod dedicated mod for our weekly events.
-The Wikia team for listening to my thoughts and accepting my contributions.
-Sky Fortress & Mysterious Jungle for being the best XP places.
-Kyo_ for always responding to my messages. Even if it’s a silly emote.

These are the main ones that come to mind. While i would be happy to list past names i know of, chances are they might not be around anymore.


I’ve been wanting to make a thankful-related thingy for a couple months. A lot of people In this community have been supportive of me and I sometimes forget that. Here I have a lengthy list of both people of this community and dungeons that I cherish In one way or another.

  • Leostel – He’s always been looking out for me when I’m sad. He’s a didiot and I like grieving him about stupid typos and telling him to shut up because It be like that sometimes.
  • veezo – One of the chillest people In this game, has helped me with various things, and generally fun to talk to.
  • Tactician/Shadow Lucario – Shadoo Is a ray of sunshine, enough said. Having him and veezo as wiki partners Is great even If we haven’t done that much nowadays, together the three of us have given the wiki the attention It very much needed x.x
  • Chronum/Lucilfer – I wish he didn’t become so Inactive, but Google Chronum has been pretty sweet to me. I know some people remember that time I spent 2 million on a Globe two auctions ago by accident <:) He paid for my mistake and I’m sure nobody else would have been willing to do that for me. He also gave me the Chrono Veil he bought last auction. His name Is a name I’m always happy to see.
  • Andy – Probably my favorite staff member who’s actually still staff. He’s been open and super cool.
  • Leafy/Kit/Mad – Past three staff members I adored and they all left :sunkern: I thought they were all great, and they often fixed errors I posted In support fairly quickly. I felt sorta connected with them, but I suck so maybe not.
  • Netami – I’
  • Prismatic
  • Airazel
  • Alrreddy
  • DreamSalad
  • Zar
  • Kyo_ – Has been sticking with my guild. Aside from that I do enjoy speaking to him when I do
  • Alolan Raichu
  • RichardG
  • Zappeh – We don’t really know each other too well, but he’s a good person definitely
  • Bonja
  • Baconski – aeiou
  • Dibei
  • BlakeX/Kuroza
  • Levy – encosystj
  • Syni
  • Soulja – An epic gamer who makes epic sprites
  • Demetrius
  • Zango
  • King Empoleon/Noblessings – Idiot I helped a year ago that I still talk to
  • Flongi
  • Shadria
  • Elite 4 – I can’t remember everyone who was In the guild but I trained with them In MJ once and while I was nervous It wasn’t a bad run at all. I know Jarko was cool
  • Zekko
  • Lille
  • GibleZ
  • Zirkon
  • Stan Marsh/Gavin Reed – The other founder of my guild who never comes on. She’s a good friend and I met her through my best friend as we all started playing around the same time
  • Yolandi
  • Layanna
  • Rexaur – He’s the reason I have a shiny Altaria, feels wrong to not give a spot
  • Pretty much anyone who has been nice to me O_O

  • Rocky Shoreline – This dungeon Is a bit special to me, It was the first dungeon I made a wiki page on when I was just a wee little editor trying my best to fix things up. I used to run It with my Noivern a ton; It made me happy when I was feeling down.
  • Harmonic Tower – When I somehow end up doing a full run, It’s a magical experience. The nostalgic BW music combined with the crazy Pokemon and Items you can find yourself with and the top of the tower…It makes me feel a way that my dull lexicon cannot describe. I remember getting Vulpix too when I was newer, and also switches not appearing and getting stuck multiple times <:)
  • Tanren Chambers – A brutal yet unique dungeon that I can’t help but love. I’ve had lots of fun running It recently and discovering Items It makes me feel useful.
  • Old Mt. Moon – I got so many Star Pieces, Comet Shards, Tight Belts, Exp. Alls and Tight Belts from this place. I understand things like that are why It was revamped, but I miss It you know? I spammed It with my Gourgeist far too many times and It was so fun. MM Is also where I 100’d him. I didn’t like actually training there because everything was tanky as heck, but man was rushing It a joy.
  • Hallowed Well – The most Intense and fun HC dungeon I’ve ever done. It’s Insane and I love It; that’s all I can really say.
  • Starlit Lagoon – SL was made by again one of my favorite staff members ( Kit ) and I always thought It was pretty and liked the theme of It. Jirachi Is one of my favorite Mythicals too. It’s probably the best training dungeon In the game since mostly every type of Pokemon can do It without that much trouble while things like MJ, DS and DD are good for a select few types. It’s also similar to Mt. Moon.
  • Sandy Shallows – Although getting them was a pain SaSh released two Water-types that I like, and made Pearl Strings ( one of my top favorite sellables ) obtainable outside end boxes In dungeons.

This game – Even though In the past and sometimes lately, I can come off as negative about PMU, I dearly love this game. I’ve been playing for almost If not 2 years and I’ve dedicated unhealthy amounts of time Into It probably considering I come on every single day :) Not all experiences have been fantastic, but that’s just life as a whole. Its made me laugh, Its made me cry, Its made me salty, Its made me feel sweet. I’ve met a number of neat people and made art related to this game and them. I know I’m not perfect, this game Is not perfect, the staff aren’t perfect. Some moments may be bittersweet, but In the end I’m still attached to this silly Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fan game, so thank you for continuing to keep this game running, and then some.