Graphic Applications List

A list of applications that could prove useful to your spriting ambitions~
Most of them were accumulated by Andy, but I figure I should post a list here. c:

Overall Graphics

[li]MS Paint XP[/ul][/li]
Sprite Specialized Applications

[li]Pixi Paint[/li]
[li]Pyxel Edit*[/li]
[sub]* Requires purchase/donation. Maximum of $10[/sub]

Hooray for a list!

Also, would Paint.NET work for overall graphics too?

Alright, it’s added along with a few others mentioned on Open Development Chat.

Paint Tool Sai is great too, not to mention you can actually get it for free. I use that for my pixel commissions.

I usually use GIMP for spriting.

I didn’t know there were other programs though specifically for spriting! I’ll have to download some of these :)