Guidelines to the Sprites Subforum

This subforum is to be typically used for three things:

Reporting sprite errors:

If you see any sprite in PMU that has a strange, buggy animation with white-space or missing/misaligned frames, be sure to post it on this forum. Search before posting to avoid duplicates.

Contributing 5th/6th gen sprite-sets:

If you feel like you’re talented enough to make a spritesheet for a 5th or 6th gen Pokemon, make a thread here and show your frames! The quality of the sprite must pass a certain bar before being included in PMU, and posting regularly on the sprite will allow for input from the staff and other spriters.

People who get their sprites into the game will be given Contributor Rank, and perhaps in-game compensation. Just be aware that when the sprites actually make it in the game, we will not be obligated to take them down, as it can cause headaches if people pull out on a sprite for an already-released Pokemon in the game.

Keeping tabs on sprite changes:

Every time the PMU client updates its sprites, a thread will be posted detailing the changes and fixes made to various Pokemon sprites. Check this subforum for the latest news when it happens.

Contributing staff-assigned tasks:

At certain times, staff may ask players to lend a hand to speed up the process of making all Pokemon in PMU fully and correctly animated. There will be job postings by staff by which players can volunteer to. People who take up these tasks will get Contributor rank, and may receive in-game compensation. People who take up these tasks regularly may get asked by staff to help in ways more than sprite contribution.