Guild Timer Increase

Good Morning / Evening / Night fellow PMU players. The summary is the title but I’ll break down what it says. This topic can also aim to improve shiny hunting experience for others like I explained in this other topic: Shiny Hunting Improvement (Looking for other people)

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about it and most of them recently know there is a “Guild Timer” in the game! (Guild Timer is the time that allows the game to meet with other guildmate in a dungeon). The actual timer is set to 600 (10 minutes).

The main problem for shiny hunting for others and also for rescuing guildmates on large dungeons or separated dungeons is that if you are on a very advanced Floor (let’s say F59) and something goes wrong or you find a shiny you want to share with other player, the time will be not enough to get you (I experienced that), and it’ll be totally frustrating, even more because actually (in case of shiny found), if there is a disconnection or log off, there is a chance that the shiny will be gone (Also, logging off will pause guild timer, but there is the risk).

It’ll be nice to discuss how much time it’ll be nice to increase. I think this suggesting time of mine it’ll be abusive but… It’ll be nice 3600 (1 Hour)? Please, leave your comments about it.

Have a good Day / Evening / Night.

This would be a very nice change if 1hr is too much though even 20-30 would be a huge help!

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It honestly should be changed because we can’t abuse pitfalls anymore. Like, pitfalls break once they’ve been activated now, so what’s stopping us from having a longer guild timer?

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It was abused in different ways too, that I don’t know how many other ways against have been implemented, needless to say I am not wanting to find out any other way besides information from staff. My opinions on this is that as nice as I think this is, trading or bestowing mons onto other players would circumvent this entirely, because in essence this is what we are doing anyway, and thus I see no need to prolong a feature that could implement it, I certainly think there are checks and balances that could be implemented to prevent a trading feature being abused, much easier than this.