Hatterne Possible Sprite

I guess this is my first post… Here comes the thing… I was boring, and I thought it would be fun if I tried to sprite Hatterne… I guess… I didn’t expect it to be so hard, however, here is the result… I put a Gardevoir next to it since I thought it was the closest mon that could be compared to… and then I realized that probably I made it a little bit taller or bigger than expected… Anyways, if I made it shorter or smaller, it wouldn’t be able to have its details… I made two versions, tho…

Here Hatterne has a 2 pixel space between her eyes, and, as expected, her whole body shared that extra pixel for the god sake symmetry:

On the other hand, here Hatterne has a 1 pixel space between her eyes, being slimmer than the first one, but I see her kinda… too thin for the large body it has.

I would like to ask for opinions and suggestions, also, if it’s for PMU, feel free to ASK ME for using this frame as a base or using it for making an actual Hatterne Sprite Sheet, because I’m not good at spriting and I don’t think I’m going to continue it (Although I would love to know if somebody is using it)… I will probably do the idle and attacks (both) animations while looking down, (not sure if the sleeping one too, tho)… Depending on how inspired I am.

Honestly I don’t know if Hatterne Sprite Sheet is already done, but I just made my own version of it… Hope you liked it.

  • Alrreddy Yaruzz.

I prefer the first Hatterene! I really love these sprites, and if these are your first sprite, then you really are a natural at spriting!


I… didn’t even see this topic until Amethyst posted lol

The sprite looks really good, I hope you’re still working on It at this point
the most I can suggest Is make the shading a little darker, but still saturated. Also I prefer the first version.