How to Tolerate a Community


WHOA THERE! If you are not a mature audience, you might wanna stop right there! There can be some things not suitable for children you may find in this thread!

CDQ will update this thread whenever he feels like it. He will add more tips whenever he feels like it.

This thread is 100% guaranteed to have CDQ’s opinions! You may not agree with them. …But do not consider voicing them to CDQ. No, seriously. You’ll be very disappointed to find CDQ has neither read or responded to your disagreement(s). However though, you can totally consider suggesting to CDQ to add another way to tolerate a community by PMing him what you h8! Then he will add that to this thread. I prefer you PM, but if you’re that type, post anyway.

Since this was made here, on the PMU forums, then this must totally mean CDQ is referring to PMU itself! …Right?

Wrong. At least, a little bit. You see, this has no rant, and this has no rage. If you’re looking for that, please skip this page. I have here a guide, it’s for your health! Just read this stuff, in your usual stealth. No need to reply, you’ll waste your time. But you can give me credit for my catchy little rhyme.

I was feeling pretty generous and decided “Hey! I should totally help PMU’s members by teaching them how to tolerate their fellow PMUlings!” Or maybe this is giving advice. Well, anyway. I’ll get started. Also, I might not teach you exactly HOW, but give you a nice idea on how.

If you really want to be able tolerate a community, you’ll have to first observe why you cannot tolerate it. Many of us have the idea that PMU’s community sucks, but we still hang around anyway. Whether it’s because of your friends or because you just like the game or the fact there’s no other like PMU, you have stayed.

Someone encouraged you to dislike the community as a whole?
CDQ: Eevee family sucks.
You: No, they don’t. They’re cute. :l
CDQ: Lel they’re so overrated.
You: Seriously? :L

To avoid this, don"t let anyone get to you in general. Understand and accept that everywhere, there"s probably going to be someone who isn"t as nice and kind as you are, as everyone has opinions. Avoid the person entirely, and even ignore them, especially if they"re trying to get on your nerves. For example, if you made a thread, and 3 people called it bad or lame, you might feel hurt, but don"t express that. Calm yourself down, listen to your favorite music; relax. Let those insults slide, because if you try to “defend yourself” in your emotionally hurt state, you"ll end up letting your guard down due to how upset you are, which is how the aggressor is able to really hurt you. Don"t get angry and rage or call them out. Find your happy place in the sky above and just think about the best way to handle them, that is, if you even have to, since most of the time there"s no “handling” required.

Step back and watch.
CDQ: Ugh, I hate noobs like you.
QDC: idc, at least i have a life
You: Please guys, can you do this somewhere else?
CDQ: Just admit that you suck…
QDC: shut up nerd

If some people are arguing, whether on a thread or in the game itself, don"t try to play Hero / Moderator by trying to calm them down, as you"ll probably end up getting agitated yourself. Let those two battle it out until someone who can actually handle it arrive. Or you can play like me and just laugh at it (this doesn"t mean going “lol” literally). Eventually a wild Powerful Person will appear and Helping Hand and put their Rage to Rest. Don"t try to go “guys, please stop fighting” as chances are you"ll either be ignored or be pulled into it. And no, you"re not an infallible always calm person who never gets annoyed, as the two disobeying your command / request will indeed frustrate you, eventually.

Be neutral.
CDQ: Hey everyone. I’m CDQ.
QDC: Hey everyone. I am homosexual.
CDQ: Ewww, what?
You: What’s wrong with that?
QDC: Ugh…

Let it slide. If someone is homosexual or heterosexual, and you don"t like them for it, don"t voice it out, man! Just go on Skype or whatever social no-rules thing you have and tell your friends all about how you hate that guy for being heterosexual. You might even think that because they are Yellow or Purple, they shouldn"t even be allowed the game. Keep it to yourself so you don"t go exploding with opinions that can lead you into trouble (ironic coming from me, right?).

Nobody is inferior.
You: Lel, hey CDQ, wanna do Tiny Grotto?
CDQ: Sure.
QDC: Can I join? c:
You: Lolno. Why would I take someone who roleplays with me?

Even if you do feel more important than just about everyone, try not to show it. If that competitive guy wants to go with you, and you"re not a fan of competitive people, don"t let that make you think less of him. And if you do anyway, again, try not to show it. Don"t be that rude mean guy who actually voiced why he did not wish to take QDC with him. Just say “No, sorry”, and leave it at that. If they ask why, and your reason is because of the way you judged them, ignore them, for their sake. Or else, hurt feelings and drama.

Nobody is superior.
CDQ:Who wants to do this totally lame dungeon with me? No EXP, no recruits, just lame.
You: Me! Even though I hate lame dungeons, anything for a staff!
QDC: lol you’re just kissing up to the legendary CDQ, he is my lvl 100 dungeon slave and he will give me seeds

Whoa, look at that dude with the unusually colored name. If you befriend him, maybe he"ll consider leveling you up to the max? Or even get you in the Unusually Colored Name Club!!! OH YES. Let"s put this Kiss Up magic to work! …No. Understand that just because you don"t control it, doesn"t mean you"re inferior. If someone has a level 100 and you are a level 1, pls don"t try to be friends with them to get them to train you. Because as you do so, you build a not-so-cool reputation for yourself, which leads to rude guys hurting your feelings. Just because he has a Raichu and you"re a Pikachu doesn"t mean he"s better than you. Pls understand this. Pls.

Happy Place…

CDQ: Lel anime, anime is stupid.
QDC: yeah, like, pokemon is 4 nerdz
You: This is why I’ve been considering quitting…

Opinions. Opinions are everywhere. They will exist as long as thoughts exist, which exists as long as brains and minds exist, which exists as long as humans exist, which exists as long as you and I exist. Opinions are almost always what you don"t wanna hear, so learn to accept that other people think differently, even to the point of bashing your pride and joy. If that rude CDQ guy is bashing anime, don"t try to tell him shut up or try to oppose him. If you do, you"ll hype yourself up to the point where you begin arguing. It will suck watching him freely bash what you like, and ganging up on him isn"t guaranteed to work either, in fact that"ll make a whole new mess. People have thoughts, and many of them are spoken. Pls understand this.

Don’t be nosy.
CDQ: Hey QDC! Fight me, you moron!
QDC: sure thing retard
You: C’mon, guys… :/

Those are close mates right there. But you don"t know that; they can"t be buddies if they"re insulting each other, right? Well, some couples just handle their marriage differently than you do. Don"t try to change how they treat each other or comment how immature they are. This is identical to stepping back and watching, except there"s nothing to step back and watch about. Let those runts do what they do. Besides, if they"re really being bad, they"ll be punished eventually.

They will hurt themselves.
CDQ: Tig Ol’ Bitties used Milk Drink!
QDC: Pingascopter used String Shot!
You: …Please change your names…

However naughty those kiddos are being, don"t try to correct them. They will be punished at some point, and not get any toys for Christmas. Unless you are Santa, don"t try to correct them. However, you can be Santa"s little Elf, and give Santa the list of naughty kids who need to be punished, though only if it"s necessary.

They’re not being rude, you just can’t handle their swag.
You: CDQ is just being plain rude. :l
CDQ: Lol, funny you should say that. Now, do I care? I wonder…
You: Wasn’t this guy banned? :/

Even if that CDQ guy seems to be very rude and seems to prefer being your enemy, chill. He might not actually dislike you, and he might not want to seem mean. It is just how they are. This person isn"t exactly breaking the rules, but they just bother you SO much! Sometimes you just end up disliking people because of who they are. If that"s ever the case, avoid / ignore them. Don"t leave any snarky hints that you don"t like them, because they"ll feel pretty offended there and might return the favor; a favor you may not want. If you ever feel as though you want to get to know them, but don"t know how to approach, consider trying to make a casual conversation. Usually people seem like real R00DIES until you get to know them and find out they are quite friendly and helpful.

Don’t be too hasty there.
CDQ: Lol at the nerds!
You: Can someone mute him? Please?
QDC: yeah man nerds are so tasty

Even when you think or know someone is wrong, wait before you confront them about it. There"s a good chance they are choosing to be wrong or meaning something totally different. You could potentially be offended and go Bite them without even Tracing them first. You don"t know what they are referring to? Consider asking them about it. As when you Bite them without Tracing them, you might find out that they have Rough Skin, and that"ll hurt.

They do not have to help.
You: Anyone got a TM Flamethrower?
CDQ: QDC, are you ready to do Tiny Grotto?
QDC: Yeah!
You: Ugh, everybody is so ignorant…

Understand that just because no one responded to you, that doesn"t always mean they don"t like you. People may be AFK, or some people just don"t like to open their doors to strangers. You"re better off picking a specific person to help you, perhaps PMing them would work a little better. It happens, so don"t think “wow this game sucks no one helps me”, because they really don"t have to help.

“Staff” are not robots who do everything perfectly.
CDQ: You want me to help you out of the lowest level place? Lel. k.
You: :/ Why is that funny?
You: Ugh, staff are terrible.

Everyone is a human. Including that mean Moderator, that rude Mapper, that not-so-intelligent Developer, even that lazy Admin. You can"t expect them all to be professional, you should simply expect them to do what they are supposed to do. You might end up disliking a certain one, and maybe they"ll dislike you too. But a human has limits, my friend, and they can slip up or make mistakes. You especially can"t expect them to be totally professional perfection if it"s a fan game. Long story short, the Staff of Whatever are not robots who don"t have feelings and only exist to make you happy.

Don’t reveal yourself.
CDQ: Hey You, why are you so nice?
You: Oh, maybe I’m so wise 'cause I’m 43! Or maybe because I’m straight.
You: :/ Quitting, I can’t stand how much of a bigot you are.

If that didn"t tell you enough, don"t reveal yourself. Pls. Because when you show someone who you are, it is typically public, and any rude guy you run into can definitely use it against you. Don"t tell anyone any information that you suspect will make people bash and insult you; if you do anyway, you"re pretty much asking for it. Don"t tell anyone that you"re 30 years old on a Pokemon game, don"t announce that you are straight, as people who do not like straight people will usually end up bashing you, making you feel bad and left out, etc. You will be a in a very vulnerable situation if you reveal yourself.

They can copy.
You: Hey CDQ, you’re good with this, so can you give me a moveset for my Pikachu?
CDQ: Grass Knot, Nasty Plot, Thunderbolt, Signal Beam.
QDC: Awesome, I’m gonna be just as good as You is now!

People can copy what you do or say, usually because they like it too. Don"t always assume someone who seems to be mimicing you is out to get you or trying to annoy you, because usually they just really like what you"re doing there, so they will use it themselves. And maybe they might even look up to you, that"s why QDC is now suddenly becoming You. Even if they are out to get you or trying to annoy you, you gotta accept that you can"t force them to change their newfound way of getting better / cooler / stronger. Use it to boost your confidence even, think to yourself “yeah, I"m definitely awesome, I even have fans!”. Just try not to actually voice it, or else you"re down in Jerk Land.




I love it, I love it, I love it!
Yes, everyone is going to run into that goofball-know-it-all.
Or maybe, that person who deliberately tries to get on your nerves.
Amazing guide! This will definitely help me in the future :>:D:!