I accidentally lost someones 'Raikou's Heart Slate'

Dear, administrator

i was playing pmu in Grassroot Town when a user by the name of Jubilee, dropped there slate, they gave zero warnings about no one taking it, so i took it. i went into Pebble Cave later to do a mission, but didn’t have the escort so i did /giveup, which made me fail the dungeon thus losing the slate…
I told jubilee that i was sorry and she responded by calling me a jerk, i was getting help from a user called Ikia, who was standing up for me because i didn’t mean it. And it was an utter accident. Then another user called Lille, who was Jubilee’s friend, started sticking up for Jubilee and said that she was going to get me banned off of pmu and tell everyone on her guild discord server to not trust me.
I am somewhat worried that i might get banned or at least lose reputation towards my friends on pmu which i don’t want to happen.

Thank you for reading my Thread
Yours sincerely
Mr Thief (Grovyle the thief)

We typically do not ban over stealing items that were dropped on the ground, however your outlook might be frowned upon by playerbase for picking up things that don’t belong to you, which is understandable! but further pushes the need for players to use /trade.

In the future i’d advise against picking up items that don’t belong to you, or when someone asks for them back to return the item, if you’d like your reputation to be restored.