Indeedee Possible Sprite Sheet

So! After a while SwSh series were released, I just discovered the existance of a way too cute pokemon from that gen, I know we don’t even have 7th gen implemented at all yet, but at least we could have some future 8th gen sprites done so that they could be implemented at anytime, I guess.

Which pokemon am I talking about? Indeedee!

So I just decided to start working on it, I’ve made the very first frame for the female one using Audino as a reference (Source's Sprite Audino (FINISHED), please don’t Copy Right Claim me :c) because of how similar they looked, so it ended up in this:

Indeedee First View Wait, what? Is it too smol? Don’t worry! Here comes the solution!

I already know that Audino’s height is 3’07" and Indeedee’s one is 2’11" (20 cm of difference!)
But if I made Indeedee smaller, it couldn’t have the details I gave to her ;; sorry!
So, I got a recomendation on trying to give it her white rings around the eyes and make the arms shorter… so this is an alternative sprite:

Indeedee First View Alternative Don’t worry! I made a big one for this too!

And I honestly tried so hard to make those white rings in a better way, but I just couldn’t without ruining it… So, I’m asking you guys for your opinions… Am I on the right way? Should I continue and do the whole sprite sheet? (including special attack, regular attack, shiny) Should I do the male one, too? Which one did you like the most?

EDIT #1:

Idle-Down Just done with the Idle Down animation, hope you like it… What? You say you can’t see it? Don’t worry! Scroll down! :D

I don’t really know if it’s clear that she bows, but anyways wanted you all to know! Gonna be updating this as I keep on working on it!

EDIT #2:

Idle-Down Alternative Wasn’t convinced at all by it’s animation, so I fixed it a little bit… does it look better?

As always, here’s the bigger version of it~


As an Indeedee fan, I say go for it! The one frame you’ve done so far looks pretty cute, so I’d love to see what the rest of them would look like. And yeah, I think you should do the male one too. The second one you did looks better IMO, so I’d recommend that you keep going with that one.


Will do it then! Thanks!

That Idle Is so nice, finish this pls I’ll send you the PMU Poke generator
I want to mention that’s actually ( mostly ) how the male bows.
When the female bows she puts both her arms In front of her.

For the male you could use the current animation but have the right arm ( from our perspective ) change.
As for the sprite Itself It’s good but I think there should be more or darker shading to help It stand out more.

These are Indeedee front sprites that are too big I made for fun a while back, not planning to finish them don’t worry. When spriting I usually have some official sprites as a reference for shading and size comparison. You’re doing great already <:)


thanks for the recomendations, gonna work on it!