Let's have fun with Pokemon X and Y!

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Have you been playing Pokemon X and Y alone and have no one to trade with, battle against, or get more Friend Safaris to explore? Well you’ve came to the right place!On here you can post your 3DS Friend Code to share with the PMU community to make your Pokemon X and Y experience SOOOOOO much better!I’ve added so many people on Pokemon X and Y that I have been having much more fun with the game.So if you like what you’re reading, DO NOT MISS OUUUUUUUUUUUUT! (My 3DS Friend Code is in my signature)

Need help in finding your 3DS Friend Code or how to add a friend"s 3DS Friend Code? Look below for a simple guide on how to find it!

Step 1 : On the Home Menu look for an orange box with a smiley face on it

Step 2 : Look at your Friend’s List Menu and you’ll see a Register Friend button. Click it.

Step 3 : Once you click it 2 options should pop up on how you would like to add a friend’s 3DS Friend Code (You must have working Wi-Fi to add someone using the Internet option)

Step 4 : A pad will pop up with numbers to type in. Type in your friend’s 3DS Friend Code there. Once you both have registered each other it will notify you that they added you (If you register someone and it asks you to put in a name this means the other person has not added you yet so putting their name doesn’t matter since it’s only temporary).

How to find your 3DS Friend Code

In your Friend’s List look for your Mii and your Friend Code will be shown on the top screen of your 3DS (you will only have a friend code if you have set up Wi-Fi on your 3DS)

I shall have all friend codes k

5429 7908 9683

Mai friend code is… (it will be inserted in an edit since i’m hiding my 3ds)

Edit: It’s 4940 - 5456 - 5640 and i’mma add darkeevee and everyone else who posted before him/her, kinda lazy to get my 3ds out right now
Edit 2: And not nuxl cuz he saiz out of room ;-;

Edit 3: XD Added everyone i mentioned (or they already were added)

Add me guys.
FC: 0533 - 5309 - 9769

I have added Legendary and Kilila.

Thanks for opening a useful thread like this to collect all PMU member’s FC’s.
Here is my Friend Code: 3239-3639-9480

2638-0027-8622 PM me with FC if you add me. I have Eevee in my friend safari.

Only got three slots left, so first two that PMs get an eevee/fc.

FC is 4210-4480-4712 :joy:

FC is 4296 - 3165 - 8728

out of room, sorry.

My FC is 2122-6420-0580.

Added everyone except Nuxl because he is out of room. (I wanted that Eevee safari. ;;)

I only got my 3ds (2ds) yesterday, so ive got an empty list ^_^ im also past the 5th gym on pokemon y.
FC: 3153-4749-0869
My profile name is FiveSmall

stares ooooh. OOH OOH IMMA ADD YOOUU. Just look at my post from earlier :3 You’ll find my fc :D P.S Want a random lv.1 Dratini for no reason?

Okay, thanks! saves me hunting for one. xD

Annnd i added you nao

I pre-ordered Pokemon X yesterday, and should come today. I would tell you my 3DS Friend Code, but I ain’t got it on me at the moment! [Just a little question - My SD Card is stuck into the bit where your SD Card is meant to go in, but it’s on the wrong side so I can’t get it out… so I don’t know if it affects my friends on my 3DS? Does it? That’'ll me helpful if someone knew. :)]

[b]Well hopefully you didn’t stick that SD card in too far. I never had a problem like that before so I’m not exactly sure what you should do. Maybe try wiggling it around side to side while trying to pull it out? Try not to pull too hard so nothing bad happens. Also I don’t know if Friend Codes are registered into your SD card. I don’t think it would put Friend Codes in an SD card.

*Edit: I took out my SD card and checked to see if I still have all my Friend Codes and I DO still have them so Friend Codes are saved into the 3DS system and not the SD card.[/b]

Does anybody know what my friend safari type and pokemon are? I’m kind of curious. :)

[b]You have Flying type and in it so far are Farfetch’d and Tranquil

New Hawlucha appeared in the 3rd slot of your Safari yesterday[/b]

Ahhh, thanks! :)

Those who have added me, what is my friend safari type and what pokes?