Lost items to game bug

I take every precaution to protect my valuable items, by carrying reviver seeds, escabe orb, escape rope, and trap scarf so those things don’t get stickied.

I just want it noted that I’m not a careless person, and it was inconceivable to me that I’d lose my stuff. If this was my own fault completely, I’d deal with it.

However, due to a game wide bug that seemed to speed things up and make everything glitchy, I was kicked out of Mt. Moon somewhere between 11 pm and 1 am EST on June 24th due to a hyper fast wind timer. I was not able to get the chance to orb or rope out in time or I would have - which would’ve been perfectly possible with a normal wind timer.

Thus I lost several items very difficult to regain - Dragon Globe, Dragon Crystal, and Dragon Gem. I also lost Clear Rock and X-Ray Charm. I used these items a lot, and it sets back my gameplay. I would like to ask if they can be returned or compensated.

I realize these are convenience items, but it took me a lot of time to get them, and they cost a lot of poke to buy back if there’s anyone even offering. I wouldn’t want to spend my money on them just to lose them to a bug again, anyway. But if they can’t be restored, I understand if nothing can be done. I just hope it’s taken into consideration this was not my error. The game did it.

Thank you for your time.


I located a screenshot of my Dragon Globe.

pmu01 dragon globe

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this is literally false and incredibly unhelpful. there is a known bug that occurs in pmu in which entities freeze up, then the “backup” of their stored actions floods the wind timer and causes you to be kicked from the dungeon. there is no way to predict if this will happen so to act as if it was player error is arrogant at best and malicious at worst.

multiple examples of server maintenence performed to try and resolve this bug:

anyway, i would reccomend attempting to gather any evidence you may have taken of these items being in your possession, then sending them to Andy in a PM or discord DM. have you saved any screenshots of your party with the x-ray charmed equipped, etc? do you know what time the bug happened and when you were kicked? anything that would be helpful to corroborate your case would be helpful in getting your items back. i wish you the best of luck ^_^