Make End Room of Sunrise Temple a Honey Spawn for Larvesta

Before I start, I’d like to say that this post was made with the assumption that those weighing in on the solution already agree that egg pokemon should also have a recruitable option. If that idea is one you have any contention with or would like to add to then I have linked a topic made by another user discussing that more in-depth.

So egg exclusive mons are not ideal for multiple reasons on their own, but larvesta seems to be even less forgiving in this category. While its sr not being terribly rare and the egg it containing being a guaranteed larvesta are points in its favor, it has a number of negatives that more than balance these positives imo.

Firstly, Sunrise Temple is extremely trap heavy, while not being incredibly resource heavy. Even with all the end game items to counteract these issues, you’ll still have to make the choice between preserving your belly with items such as the tight belt at the risk of subjecting yourself to every trap you have to step over to find an sr, or running a trap scarf and tearing through your belly running the length of multiple rooms per floor.

Secondly, the number you can reasonably fine in a set amount of time is very limited compared to a lot of other egg hunts. Larvesta is no lapras, and it certainly is not dratini nor gible in terms of time investment, but it still does take a reasonably amount of time to get an egg in a run. Even on multiple sr runs that all end in success, the time it takes to scour the tiles of all the rooms of a floor and safely navigate the sr puzzles can be enough time investment in itself to equal two or three runs of another dungeon that has multiple egg drops.

Finally, what I believe to be the largest reason people tend to dislike larvesta’s sr; the maze itself. It seems to be a very popularly held opinion that larvesta’s sr is rather difficult to navigate and rather unforgiving. This adds an unusual layer of difficulty to the egg hunt as, even after going through all the time and resource loss of the first two negatives, you could still leave the dungeon with nothing.

With all this being said, I believe the best solution is to add an additional means of obtaining larvesta that still remains in Sunrise Temple. Adding a honey spawn to the end room of ST, like cutiefly with Ashen Graveyard, would be the ideal imo, for numerous reasons. It would allow for a combination of egg hunting and recruit hunting for a highly sought after pokemon, along with all the advantages that recruit hunting gives. It would still keep the exclusive and iconic nature of larvesta being exclusive to ST intact. And finally, it would give the player some level of bad luck protection, where even if they couldn’t find a single sr or they failed all the ones they found, they could still bank on the 1 chance at the end of the dungeon with honey. If there’s an idea that this gives too many opportunities you could even limit the spawn to a time cycle like dawn or day.

Now one thing you may be thinking after reading this is “You spent all this time talking about how bad ST srs are, so why don’t we just change them or dump them?”. To me, the answer to that unasked question is simple: They’re cool, they’re iconic, and they fit. While I’m sure many hold negative feelings towards the sunrise sr due to how many attempts you may have failed before finding your first egg, I’d hope some would agree that stylistically, the sr is incredible. Not only is the sr stylistically appealing, but the entire concept of finding an anti chamber in an ancient temple that leads you to a set of traps guarding a sacred treasure is so iconic and emblematic of this dungeon, that changing it for the sake of difficulty alone almost seems like it would be gutting the identity of the dungeon.

I believe that this idea gives larvesta a fighting chance at being hunted, and newer or mechanically disinclined players a fighting chance of even getting one to begin with. Meanwhile, I don’t believe this solution would cut the difficulty of finding a shiny sr to an obscene level, provided the end room shiny rate is reasonable.

Anyways, that’s the end of my suggestion rant, I appreciate everyone who stuck around. Do you like the idea? Do you have any details you want changed (srs becoming honey spawns and the maze moved to the end room, as an example)? Do you just generally disagree with the suggestion? Please be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below!

I disagree with most of the things exposed here.

Sunrise Temple is a Mid-Game Like Dungeon (level 50s), at that far you should:

1.- Know how to build a team:

  • Have a safeguard user. (Most of players does their best to get swablu in a level 30 dungeon by recommendations) There is not infiltrator users so it’ll be fine to prevent statuses to affect you.
  • No-Stick Cap is in LLC a Dungeon perfect for Lev 40s, that prevents any items get sticky if one of the party holds it, same with taking Cleanse Orb.
  • The use of Recycle Orb and the Move, some starters and other common pokemon from Exbel can learn it to restore Grimy Items. Also, if you have access to Tanren Already, you have access to tutors, no excuse here.

2.- Know how to equip for certain dungeons, areas or situations. (some examples explained in the last point)

3.- Know how to deal with Traps. (Trap Scarf, No-Sticky Cap, Rapid Spin, Etc)

4.- This is personal, but with common sense can be learned, have Trump Cards (not the move). Orbs! They have a usage at the end!

With this 4 points explained, it looks like the team lacks of preparations. Games needs difficulty (and stuff to fit the topic, Sunrise Temple, you are exploring a temple with treasures, what to spect from it?) and be challlenging at some points, Sunrise Temple does it pretty well with this.

The comparations made here are insane! Phione Egg is WAAAAY more harder and more frustrating than all of this. Larvesta is the most comfortable Egg hunt to do. (also more now that eggs can be shiny)

It is pretty rude from your part to say you want to prevent runs and runs of frustration finding SRs to change it like and End Room Spawn like Ashen dungeons (which is more longer and also you can only spawn ONCE, and good luck if you get it), this will not solve anything, it’ll make it worse! You will be running and running and running all over again, instead of SRs, you can find at least 1 and several times in each floor you go on.

This is the only thing I can agree of this topic. but not enough to think it need a change. It takes time to adapt and learn how to do the puzzle of SRs. It doesn’t help the timing when buttons are pressed, because there is a lap of time of loading by each step you take when you more around the puzzle and that slows you down. So maybe increasing the time of walls being open? I think that would give the fair push.

Summary: Do the right preparations for this type of dungeons full of traps.

From my experience, it can be tedious to shiny hunt Larvesta. Not dungeon difficulty wise, but actually completing the SR puzzle just to get an egg. Running Sunrise Temple on its own is probably incredibly easy for most end game players; especially if you know what you’re getting into ahead of time with all the traps and etc. It can be quite spammable if you have the right set up.

I’ve already attempted a couple of runs to see how easy it is to farm Larvesta eggs, and most of my frustration really came from the puzzle. Finding the SR alone is easy, but the puzzle can be stressful. I failed the puzzle half of the time or more when attempting it, even with having the solution to the puzzle. Most runs, I’d leave with maybe 1-3 eggs, maybe even none. With that, you’d probably have to find a couple hundred SRs alone just to get a decent amount of eggs.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Larvesta becoming a one-time honey spawn in the end room, since like I said, ST can be spammed quite easily. Though, an easy solution for that is to just give it a fair shiny rate/chance. I’d much prefer having this option over putting up with the puzzle honestly. You would at least get one guaranteed shot at finding a shiny that way.

I like the idea of Sunrise Temple, the traps in it and I do like the SR. Everything you said, I mostly agree with. But maybe the end of ST is not the place for Larvesta to be through the use of honey.

I think letting Larvesta be available mid game through an egg is great for newer players, so the egg gets usage. Perhaps if Larvesta could be available in one of the endgame dungeons as a recruit, it would feel better (SR or regular recruit, doesn’t matter. As long as it’s not in an egg or locked behind a puzzle). I can see Larvesta being a recruit at the last floors of SVW (?), or maybe available through an SR in that place. That’s not up to me, though.

And again, nothing against the SR. I actually like it. But it probably won’t be the best if it’s the one place you can shiny hunt a larvesta in. This is a nice follow up on my thread from a few days ago, so thanks for posting about it. Together we can come to a good solution, I think.

I also think you -might- have missed the point of his thread. Maybe read again?

Hey guys, just wanted to make a general reply to make sure that certain parts of the post aren’t misinterpreted as asking for or saying something it wasn’t intended to.

I completely agree it wouldn’t be cool to rip the puzzle out and only have the end room spawn…but I actually never said I wanted to get rid of the sr, and in fact I emphasized a few times why I feel like the sr should stick around as well such as here:

Just a reminder that as stated at the beginning of the post, the purpose is to add recruits for mons, like asked for in the general topic I linked. I would never want to remove egg opportunities

This I kinda just don’t get tbh. For sure phione is a very difficult hunt…but it’s also not an egg hunt. You need a wonder egg to get it, but it’s a recruit mon at the end of the day. The only comparisons I made are here

but even here I’m explicitly saying that all the eggs that I brought up are harder than the larvesta hunt.

I completely understand your concern with the sr potentially giving too much of a chance at a shiny larv. I tried to mitigate that in sections like here:

where I acknowledged the shiny rate should not be great for balance’s sake, and here:

where I tried to offer alternatives like shorter times you could spawn the end room recruit.

Please feel free to continue posting as many suggestion as you like, agreeing or disagreeing. I just wanted to make sure that everyone’s on the same page with what I was trying to say in my post.

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The idea of making Larvesta available in a late-game dungeon as a recruit sounds fair to me honestly. Since some people might dislike having to run ST for Larvesta, it would be nice to have a second option. I could definitely see it being added in SVW as a late uncommon-ish recruit, since it seems most fitting there. If not, then maybe it could be in Scorched Grasslands instead? ^^

I did the first time and I got it…

Agree! SVW it’ll be great for it! It needs more recruits and more attraction of the players. Larvesta being recruitable there with a high rarity or spawn itll be good! Anything but not make it like that in ST.