Maps of Mine.


Well, I Decided to share some of my work of my homes i made. here they are.

House#1 : My Original Character’s house.

If we had scroll map’s, it would be based off a Nature Wildlife Untouched by Human society and inhabited with wildlife pokemon. Pretty much a Nature Preservative. Sort of like Sky Peak, but not necessarily Very mountain like.

House#2 :

This is my Favorite. Based off a real life country known As Egypt. But, i Made it into a Pokemon version of it. i tried adding sandstorm’s, but it looked ugly. xD I made this because that country’s terrain is known to be loved by rock and ground pokemon.

House#3 Last but not least, The Charizard Base. I made this because, it looked like a little town for my Charizard in My Gira Character. i made it at the peak of a mountain to overlook the other mountains over the horizon. Since Charizards are known to inhabit in mountains, i thought it would be a awesome idea as a exploration base for my Charizard. Reminds me of Pokemon mystery dungeon Red and Blue.

Those are Maps, Post which 1 you like or you like them all! Post any opinions, Including likes and don’t likes. But, as long as you comment, i appreciate it. ^.^