NCFC and unexpected difficulties

We’ve got approve to show case this years Nintendo Community Fan game Convention. I would like to encourage you guys to show you support by voting for us.

Unfortunately, this morning, we have gotten technical issued on the server end of the game. Hopefully we’ll have back up soon.

Thank you for your patience.

This is great! Already voted :D

And hopefully we can get the server fixed ;~;

I voted too!~

Also, so THAT’S why the server’s offline! XD I thought my internet wasn’t good enough o3o

me vote too XD


And thanx for letting us know why the game is down, its so so much nicer when you can come here and find out why PMU is down :)


Also I hope that no one wil make any Spam Post instead of just searching for this here.Thanks for telling what is the Problem, but I had trust you without telling this here anyway. Tehe.~ :la: ( That was a Compliment. c: )

I was worried my internet had stopped working, releived now~
Will definetely vote!

Voted :3

Voted :D

I voted and when ya think the server can be used again?

Voted! And thanks for letting us know Flare!

Most of them are only with about 5 or so likes, but PMU is miles in front with over 100!!!
Everyone keep voting to help us win!
In case you hadn’t guessed, I have voted for a certain thing. (Guess which. :3)

PMU is on a roll.
Also, voted :>

Voted and wow, look at how many votes we have! :D

On a less happy note, the server still appears to be down… D:

Going to make the Radio Nintendo folks vote. Also, I voted.


The server is back online! It went down due to file corruption, which happened as a result of an unplanned shutdown. We modified the process, so hopefully this won’t happen in the future. However…

None of your data was lost!

Also, thanks for voting everyone!

:O Yay! Thanks a bunch Pika! :)

No prob Pika!

And good, nothing was lost! I was scared I’d lose my Murkrow and Porygon for a while! XD

I cheated and voted twice :3

Okay, it’s time to pla-- Looks at broken PMU file NO!!!

My zorua turned back to level 11… It was bout 20 D: