OutOfRangeException - Sky Fortress shortcut

Summary of Bug:
What you were doing at the time: Using the fly shortcut for Sky Fortress (From the Mt.Stormhold Sky towards Sky Fortress itself)
Where you were in the game/menus: Mt Stormhold Sky shortcut transitioning towards Sky fortress.
What happened: Frequently, When you transition from the Sky towards SF itself, the client immediately closes or gives an OutOfRangeException error. This sometimes happens at other fly spots aswell. but mostly at Sky Fortress.

OS/Version: W10 Pro

Expected Result: A landing at Sky Fortress

Actual Result: Immediate crash or errormessage crash of the client.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Take any the Fly shortcuts at Mt.Stormhold
  2. Move north as normal
  3. Fly at the northern part of the sky map.

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, logs) - attached below:


System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
at ​‪​‪‌‌‫‏‏​‍‏‫‌‏‫‪‭‍‭‭​.‭‌‍‭‭‎‭‬‬‎‍‏‌‍‭‍​‏‌‬‬()
at ‌‫‍‭‫‌‭​‌‏‬‏‬‬​‭‍‭‏‪.‏​‫‍‌‎​‫‭‪‫​‌‏‏‍‍‌‌‌‏​​‏‎(KeyboardEventArgs )
at ‭​‫‬‫‪‌‌‪‫‍‎‪‍‬‫‬‍​‎‭‪.​‍‪‬‫‍‭‌‍​​‫‌‌‍‌‌‪(Object , KeyboardEventArgs )
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.Widget.OnKeyboardDown(KeyboardEventArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.Screen.HandleKeyboardDown(KeyboardEventArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Widgets.WindowManager.HandleKeyboardDown(KeyboardEventArgs e)
at ‬‌‍‫‭‍‏‭‍‭​‬‍‌‬‏‬‭‍‫‭.‌‫‪‫‬‎‎‪‪‬‍‫‪​‌‍‪‫‌‌‎‫‏‬‬‏‭(Object , KeyboardEventArgs )
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.OnKeyboardDown(KeyboardEventArgs e)
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.ProcessEvent(SDL_Event ev)
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.Poll()
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.ThreadTicker()
at SdlDotNet.Core.Events.Run()
at ‍‫‎‏‬‌‏‏​‭‎‍‍‫‌‬​‎‪‍‌​‍.‬‎‫​‫‬‏‭‌‬‪‍‪‍‭​​‍‍‌‍‪‏‫()
at ‬​‍‬‍‍‍‌‏‏‌‬‫‪‏‍​‏​.‫‬‫‪‎‍‫‏‬‍​​‌‏‬‬‪‫‏‌‫‪()
at ‬​‍‬‍‍‍‌‏‏‌‬‫‪‏‍​‏​.​‏‫‍‎‎‏‬‍‌​​‏‍‎‎‭‬‎‌‍‌()
at ‬​‍‬‍‍‍‌‏‏‌‬‫‪‏‍​‏​.‎‏‪‌​‎‭‪‌‏​‌‏‪‭​‏‪​‭‬‭‭‏‌‭(String[] )
at ‬‬‪‪‫‏‌​‭‍‫‏‫‭‭‭‪‪‍‍‬.‪‌‬‎‫​‎‪‬‭‭‌‍​‪‪​‎‏‬‫‬(String[] )

@Espyria Can you get a video of this bug occurring?

@Andy I’ll try to see if i can make one.

There’s isn’t much to show though, as the client immediately closes or freezes with a errormessage (Then closes on closing the error)

Meanwhile a screenshot when it happens, i’ve set my spawn at Stormhold so i could continuously retry to replicate.

Happened in like 4 tries for it to appear. I sometimes have this at other fly-landings aswell, but mainly here.

Had to find something that worked. so here we go. Sorry for the loud Discord beep, thats mine. not the people that would watch this.

This video had a few giveup attempts before the crash happens, i can replicate it pretty often. mostly having the error. sometimes immediate with no error.