Petition to get golem a job and a loving family

I know this might seem weird but we should really stop twisting the knife on poor golem, he was forcefully evicted from his home, now he lives in a tent, and just got fired from his new job in ikea! I know its fun to joke about him, but I think we should help golem, because golem is having a rough time. Pls vote yes to trying to aid golem in future endevours and hopefully find golem a loving family <3.
each vote helps this poor guy who is down on his luck ;-;.

Absolutely agree with @LorleenTheTriggered . We can make him a house in Grassroot and make him work as IKEA’s manager again in the end of the dungeon/event. The 15F boss should be another angry costumer like the Karen Guzzlord (I M U S T S P E A K T O T H E M A N A G E R) is in the last floor. Maybe something like a Primeape/Ursaring/insert another Pokémon known by its short temper that isn’t Guzzlord.

Tying this to the utlities idea, make golem’s next job can be to clean the flute?