PMU.exe stops working instantly and deletes itself from the folder?

Hello there, new user. I hope this issue hasn’t been solved and fixed before.

My problem is simple. Whenever I try to launch PMU via the .exe file, it doesn’t work and it simply says “Another program is using this file.”, and then it simply deletes itself from the folder. I’ve got .Net Framework updated, as well as Java and Adobe Flash. I’m not sure what the problem here is.

This sounds rather stupid but I had this issue before and what I did was change the operations version of the client in properties to a downgraded version; If you want to do this then I recommend right clicking on the client and selecting properties, once you’ve done that run the client as Administrator.

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I’ll give that a try. Is changing the operations version the equivalent of running it in compatibility mode? That part is a little unclear to me.

That’s correct, I should’ve said it like that but you get it.