pmu facebook group

join the pmu facebook group-english

there is another group but its in spanish

note: i created the group

I joined.

Hi, Alex.

xD I joined.

Good to know about that. I am surprised how social media has helped us join together and form useful and helpful groups. There is so much that can be done on Fb other than just liking or sharing posts. I am also going to meet facebook ads campaign management for promoting my business online and on social media.

I know there’s a Steam group. But it’s not really that active.

Link doesn’t work, says it expired or sth. Can you repost?

You can find the Facebook page here. Just note it’s been inactive since January 2016.

You can also find other PMU Social Media here.

Twitter (Inactive since April 2017)

Tumblr (Inactive since March 2014)

Instagram (Inactive since April 2016)

Reddit (Inactive since 2016)

Deviantart (Semi-Active)

Discord (Active)


Oh then what’s the point? Should we revitalise the fb fanpage?

First take a poll of how many actually use Facebook. If it’s a bad outcome, it’s not worth it.

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It’s worth a shot but doubt many people would use it. PMU haven’t got the biggest of fanbase and not an amazing amount use the the forum. But again, if by all means make a poll. I’m up for it.

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