PMU's Music & SFX Packs

Hello! This is where you can download PMU’s Sound Packs in order to have your Music and SFX working fully.

Below You will find a link to each of the Packs:

SFX Pack
Music Pack

Some of these packs are still incomplete and I aim to fully fix and complete these packs to the best of my ability but it will take time to do so.
These packs are subject to change at any time, be it updates, splitting up due to large file size or even new Packs entirely.
Any changes to the packs will get announced on the PMU Discord Chat’s News.

Please Contact Me if there is any problems. Do NOT Contact me about the current Missing Music from some of the packs, I’m currently aware of the various non-working tracks currently and aim to fix them.
This is an example of the where and how the music should be displayed in PMU’s Music folder, it is importaint that the files are LOOSE and not in folders in this folder.

As for SFX use the same Method for the SFX folder instead.

Happy to Help,

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