Pokemon Mystery Universe: The purple chaos nuzlocke

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	Pokemon Mystery Universe
	The purple chaos nuzlocke
	Episode 20: Jailbreak, the secret passage.
  • East Exbel morning:
    We was heading to town, I was close to faint of sleep but I was enduring it.
    Vatir: Hey you two can stay behind I want talk with Delly in particular.
    Ares: Ok.
    When we got ahead of them he started to talk.
    Vatir: What happened in the house? You left in middle of the chat?
    Delly: Err…? wait, oh true, it’s Joseph, for a hero chosen to help our world he’s more of an egoist.
    Vatir: I know your point, but it’s really just it?
    Delly: Yes, I’m starting to get mad at him.
    Vatir: That explain why you left, but give him a chance probably he need time to get used to it.
    Delly: Well I’ll think about it later… I reeeeealy need to sleep.
    When we are close to reach the town vatir was to warn them, but looking back…
    Vatir: Hey guys we- what? where are them?
    Delly: Huh?
    Vatir: I told him to stay behind but not so far…
    Out of nowhere I felt as if an electric current had pierced me…
  • Delly fainted.
    After that I only remember waking up in a place I had never been before.
    Delly: Where I’m?
    It’s very dark here I can not see much, it looks like an inside cave and there’s someone here by my side, not knowing what it was I started to grope it to get an idea of what it would be.
    Delly: It’s warm, here must be someone’s face… teeths…
  • Chomp.
    Delly: Aaaah! my wing!
    With my cry I ended up waking him up.
    Vatir: Huh!?
    Delly: Why you bited me?
    Vatir: I bite you?
    Delly: Yes!
    Vatir: I have no idea what you’re talking about, I just wake up with you screaming.
    Delly: That hurt…
    Vatir: Sorry. Anyway my body still hurts too.
    Delly: What happened?
    Vatir: We were arrested, Pencil hit me with a close combat that made me sore.
    Delly: I dont remenber anything…
    Vatir: Was a trap her get us off guard and well we are here now.
    Delly: And what about the other two?
    Vatir: No idea… and I have to say the truth, I have no plans in what we can do now.
    I also believe that this is a very worrying situation, but I know that he too will think of something for us, so I gave him a hug, he took time to react, but soon he answered me in the same way.
    Delly: I know you’re going to get us out of here, I’m sure!
    Vatir: I hope…
    Delly: … Vatir?
    Vatir: Yes?
    I know thats not the best time but, I want to tell him.
    Delly: I, I want to… say something to you…
    Vatir: So tell me.
    Delly: …
    Vatir: What happened?
    Delly: I-
    When I was about to say what I wanted someone approached the door of our cell, and Vatir realized that. Whyyy!?
    Vatir: Hey you!
    Delly: What did you see?
    Vatir approached the door, and tried to see through the little window.
    Vatir: I’m think of I see a Drowzee, but it run away… something is wrong here…
    Apparently he did not see anything there, so he sat next to me again, and I lay down on his leg, anyway I lost the courage I had minutes ago.
    Vatir: So, you wanted to say me a thing?
    Delly: I… I-
    This is not working.
    Delly: Nevermind…
    Vatir: You dont need to hide anything from me
    Them a sound of a door opening in outside echoed in, and the alarms started to sound.
    ( Sonic cd wacky workbench bad future music)
    Vatir: I know that something was wrong.
    We got out of the cell, and there was a drowzee screaming at everyone.
    Drowzee: Everyone this way! Let’s break out this prison!
    And then it all turned into a real mess, pokemons running mad with the opportunity to escape. Soon after I heard a familiar voice.
    Familiar voice: Hey vatir!
    When I looked around, I noticed an Azurill calling us.
    Vatir: Bubbly?
    She came running to us.
    Bubbly: Hey, why the elite arrested us? Also do I know you?
    Delly: Yes, from tournament I suppose.
    Vatir: So Bubbly, I stealed a thing from elite’s archives.
    Bubbly: Really!? What was in your head to do that?
    Vatir: I can not say, anyway what’s happening here is wrong, why that drowzee has sent everyone running towards the central gate, of course the whole defense force will be there…
    Bubbly: To fight the guards, it’s twenty to one.
    Vatir: The alarm is ringing, the elite must already be on the way, sure that this will not work.
    It was already beginning to slow down the flow of pokemons running, so the drowzee fled to the other side.
    Vatir: See, not even he’s coming here.
    Delly: Is there any way to get away there?
    Vatir: I do not know, but we have time to spare, come on.
    Then we began to go deeper into the prison, after two floors inside I saw two pokemons arguing in the door of a cell.
    Geodude: It’s just going out punching everyone!
    Chatot: And you think it’s going to be that easy?
    Geodude: Worth trying.
    We were just going to go straight for them until I saw my teammate in there talking to them.
    Kamila: I’m still staying here!
    Delly: Kamila you’re there too?
    Kamila: Delly!
    Then Flowey and Acadia left the cell as well.
    Delly: All my team is here?
    Vatir: So the elite is not playing games, he arrest everyone.
    Acadia: I dont know what is happening… They simply invaded the inn and arrested us without saying the reason…
    Delly: We’re still going to fix this, and who are you?
    Geodude: Me?
    Chatot: We were together making the stone challenge to be able to evolve and we were caught together.
    Vatir: You guys are a team?
    Chatot: No, just friends.
    Geodude: And then we can go now, I do not want to stay here.
    Flowey: I go with my team.
    Kamila: I too.
    Acadia: I’m in.
    Chatot: But what you guys are going to do?
    Vatir: I believe the answer is to go further down from here.
    Delly: Ok let’s move.
    A little more ahead it was all quiet, no noise, no one running, it seemed like nothing was happening.
    Delly: So quiet…
    Vatir: Everione must be at the main gate anyway I think of I lost the track of these guys…
    Geodude: So-
    Suddenly an explosion happened next to us, all the lights would go out, with the darkness we did not realize that the ground cracked and fell, me and chatot tried to fly but the vacuum pulled us together. When things calmed down I could not see anything yet, but I tried to look around.
    Delly: Ugh-… someone ok there?
    Bubbly: I’m over here! Help me I’m stuck!
    I cant see anything it’s too dark down here.
    Delly: I can hear you, but I cant see you.
    Then a sound of ground moving started again but this time was not an earth quake.
  • Vatir emerged from the ground.
    Vatir: Ok someone need help there?
    Bully: Me!
    Delly: I still can hear both of us but still I cant see nothing…
    Vatir: Those flashlights would be very useful now.
    Unknown voice: Hello you guys need help?
    A new voice echoed from above, I can not see who it is but it is certainly shining with light.
    Delly: We certainly need!
    Unknown voice: Ok, give me a second, I’ll jump!
    Then he jumped up into a ball of flame until he fell next to us, he was a houndour.
    Vatir: Good moves, can you keep on fire for us to have light here?
    Houndour: I can, but not for too long.
    Vatir: Come closer here lets see if there’s something to burn here.
    With the light he created we took some pieces of wood and set to burn.
    Vatir: It’s better, let me see…
    Bubbly: I’m here!
    Vatir: I’ll get you.
    My team was missing, were they buried? I took a taboo as a torch and goes out looking for them.
    Houndour: What are you looking for?
    Delly: My friends fell whit me I dont know-
    Acadia !? Is she okay? I ran to her.
    Delly: Acadia! Wake up!.. Please! …
    Hourdour: Is breathing, just fainted, also I can smell someone, help me there.
    We started digging until I found the kamila under the rocks.
    Kamila: Finnaly you found me.
    Delly: Wow? Not even a scratch.
    Kamila: Maybe luck, but this was scary.
    Delly: Now, just flowey is missing.
    I began to hear a noise of moving stones, and then a lot of them flew out of the wreckage.
    Geodude: Woohoo! we need to do it again some day, that was radical!
    Flowey: I reject this idea, but thank you for protecting me.
    Delly: Hey flowey!
    Flowey: I’m good. Do not worry.
    Then Bubbly and Vatir came to us.
    Vatir: There I found it near bubbly.
    Then he put down the chatot that was with us.
    Geodude: Felix!
    Vatir: Calm down, he’s alive.
    Delly: Thanks arceus we’re all alive, thanks houndour.
    Houndour: You’re welcome, and then you were doing what?
    Vatir: Following someone, then you know the floor “disapeared”…
    Houndour: Okay, my name is Victor and yours?
    Vatir: I’m Vatir and her is Bubbly.
    Bubbly: Hi!
    Delly: I’m Delly.
    Flowey: Flowey.
    Kamila: Kamila.
    Senna: I’m Senna and my friend here is Felix.
    Delly: My friend passed out here is also called Acadia.
    Houndour: Nice to meet you.

------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 2
Geodude Senna |Lvl 26 at 45% Female Active
Wingull Delly |Lvl 25 at 22% Female Leader
Chatot Felix |Lvl 23 at 19% Male Active
Magikarp Kamila |Lvl 19 at 86% Female Active
Sunkern Flowey |Lvl 17 at 81% Male Active
Weedle Acadia |Lvl 14 at 01% Female Active

  • Underground plaza:
    Ares: I’ll tell you nothing!
    Pencil: Luckily you have patience Mariku, I would already have been talking to other means.
    Mariku: Little girl, you’re taking away all my patience, do you want my colleague here to talk to you?
    Ares: Try your luck, even if you give me all your attacks, I will not say anything!
    Pencil: You are in possession of a technology unknown to us, first you make your partner disappear in a red ball, his backpack is full of foreign matter that I have never seen before, and if you think that attack you both used in is normal?
    Ares: …
  • Mariku Sigh.
    Pencil: Alright I will not hurt you but I know where to get the answers, good night!
    Pencil and Mariku leaves the room.
    Mariku: Let’s invade her dreams?
    Pencil: Seems to be the only way.
    Mariku: I’ll call the Hypno.

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	Pokemon Mystery Universe
	The purple chaos nuzlocke
	Episode 21: Next step.
  • Unknown place below the prison, among the debris:
    Vatir: Okay, now that we all know each other, I have a question, where are we?
    Victor: No idea but appears to be a dungeon.
    Soon we began to hear voices from afar.
    Unknown voice 1: Guwarfh! You! Yeah, you there…STOP!
    Unknown voice 2: Chief I have a poblem here!
    Unknown voice 3: Meow!
    We are not alone there, then Vatir took kamila and the felix and put it on his shoulders.
    Vatir: Fast everyone follow my lead, Delly and Victor, light the way.
    On the way we started to find several wild pokemons, and the pressure they were causing was increasing, everything was going well until I was poisoned by a muk.
    Delly: This is not good…
    Vatir: Good!? This is terrible, I cant carry another pokemon and if you move the more the poison spread on your corpse…
    Victor: You can ride on me Delly.
    Delly: Thanks.
    Vatir: Good we keep going now.
    Unlike we expected from that yelling there’s nothing happening ahead, just the wilds pokemons, but my team was already doing well whit them, on the next floor we see a fight happening and all pokemon involved in that battle.
    Aggron: You’ll not… escape!
    Beheeyen: Stop pursuating us.
    Sableye: Let’s just kill him chief!
    Meowth: Nyeee! Do it!
    Beheeyen: Prepare to d-
    Vatir: STOP!
    Vatir put the two on floor and rushed to close of them.
    Vatir: What you guys are doing!
    Beheeyen: Nothing of your interest!
    Vatir: Of course it’s of my interest! You guys was going to kill an officer!?
    Beheeyen: Everyone engage on krokorok!
    And then the battle between them started, I was weak but I wanted to help attacking from far.
  • Delly used water pulse.
    I hit meowth and he started to come to up of us, them we all started to fight, while we was fighting I noticed of victor is running from everyone…
    Delly: If you keep running around so fast I’ll be unable to aim, stop and attack too.
    Victor: I’m not a skilled in battles.
    Delly: Just use attacks!
    Victor: Have years of I forget how to manage my attacks in my body-
  • Meowth used scratch on Victor.
    Victor: But…
    Victor catched a small pebble on floor and somehow turned it in a fireball and throwed it on meowth.
  • Meowth fainted.
    Delly: What was that you do?
    Victor: Power cast.
    Delly: Ok, whatever is it lets keep attacking.
    Just few more minutes in the battle we finnaly win.
  • Senna picked up sableye and jumped high with it.
    Senna: Oh yea! SMACK DOWN!
  • Senna used smack down and sableye fainted.
  • Vatir used shadow claw on Baheeyen.
    Baheeyen: Objective, failed…
  • Beheeyen fainted.
    Vatir: That was the last of them, so are you okay, Aggron?
    Aggron: Yes, I’m but this changes nothing… you guys are still criminals, and they got my assistant.
    Vatir: Oh her?
    There was a nincada fainting on the floor.
    Aggron: Don’t touch her i’ll put her my in my badge.
    Vatir: Fine, anyway i’m leaving there with my party here so-
    Aggron: Wait!
    Vatir: Yes?
    Aggron: I should not say that, not even do it, but you can trust me, I’ll repay the favor.
    Vatir: How?
    Aggron: I’ll show us the exit of this dungeon.
    Vatir: Ok show us the way.
    While we were going out of the dungeons, my body was getting numb with the poison effect, otherwise I was thinking, Vatir was very strong after evolving what happened, that I do not understand…
    Aggron: Well for now on just keep going and you guys can be out of there, and dont come back or else I’ll arrest you all again.
    Vatir: We’re not going to come back, farewell.
    Victor: Have a long time since I last see the light of outside.
    Then we finnaly reached the outside of this crazy dungeon.
    Vatir: You guys stay there, I’ll sneak into the front door of the prison and take our things back.
    Victor: Hey wait, let me do it.
    Vatir: Why?
    Victor: I’m a professional, leave it to me.
    So I came down from him.
    Vatir: Ok, lets hide for now, I’ll go to close of honey drop meadow, find us there, the high grass there can be perfect to hide while we wait our teammates wake up.
    Victor: Right I’ll not take much time.
    I tried to hold on to the poisoning effect as we started to walk but I can not stand it until I fell to the floor of exhaustion, even though I was behind them I still managed to call him.
    Delly: Wait! … ugh…
    Vatir: I’m sorry Delly I forget that you was poisoned.
    My body was extremely heavy, closing my eyes I used my last strength to ask.
    Delly: P-please, Dont… leave me, behind…
    Fortunately I did not faint, but everything I heard was confused, I was no longer understanding what was going on around me, so after minutes or hours that I had an idea, I finally began to feel my senses returning to normal and someone bailing me.
    ???: Dee… waup! Must, o…
    Vatir: DELLY!
    It took me a while to react, but I managed to open my eyes, I’m still nauseous and he is shagging me, that will not work…
    Delly: S-stop this. cough cough
    Victor: Okay, she already woke up, let’s get the hell out of here as fast as possible!
    Vatir: Okay, stay still in my lap I’ll still carry you until you feel better.
    There are no better options at the moment, looking around gave to see that everyone was already back to shape except me, when I noticed the Victor better I saw that he was already running on two legs now, and carrying something strange similar to a quick claw.
    Delly: To where we are going?
    Victor: Faded relic. Let’s take our evolutions and get out of this region.
    Delly: Some of you could tell me why you were in such a hurry.
    Bubbly: It is not a very easy situation to explain.
    Victor: Lie! It’s pretty simple and straight forward, I had to get out of it using the wrong methods.
    And he showed me that quick claw again but he gets to make it catch fire out of nowhere?
    Victor: That’s power cast, turns simple weapons into a more lethal one using our moves, it’s also an illegal practice.
    Delly: Is that why you were arrested?
    Victor: Is one of them.
    Vatir: We’re already getting there, come on, Kamila.
    Kamila: I swear you still pay me for this biped.
    Flowey: I also have no feet and I’m faster than you…
  • Faded Relic:
    As we passed through a hole near the root of a great tree, I noticed that we were in the midst of a great ruin made of well-polished and ancient stones, and in the middle of it there was an altar with several ancient scriptures.
    Vatir: Ok that’s it now.
    Senna: Let me do it?
    Vatir: Of course.
    Vatir gave her a stone tablet and she put it in a peculiar hole that was there completing the text, then a light covered us and we were teleported to a place similar to what we were, it seemed a very high place because it was possible to see the clouds very close to us, and just ahead of us there was a fountain of water with a lot of light coming through the clouds highlighting that place.
  • Luminious chamber:
    Felix: Finnaly we did it!
    Senna: You don’t know how long I waited for it!
    Vatir: Go ahead guys enjoy it.
    Delly: So it’s here where we evolve?
    Vatir: Yes.
    Victor: Can I go too?
    Vatir: Sure.
    Then one by one he went to the light to evolve, first Senna and my team.
    Senna: Yes! Now I can feel the ground shaking with my steps, much power! Hahahahaha.
    Felix: She went crazy, heh.
    Senna: Whatever.
    When kamilla evolved I thought she was going to get big, until she was small for a giarados.
    Kamila: Remenber when I tell you that you’re gonna pay, come here to I show you now Vatir.
    Vatir: Not now please.
    Flowey: My turn.
    He came into the light but nothing happened.
    Vatir: Hey flowey, you forget it!
    Vatir throwed a sun stone into the light and he evolved.
    Flowey: Yes!
    Acadia: Now me, hold the egg for me please?
    Vatir: Ok.
    She stayed just a little away of the light and them jumped in it, she evolded into a kanuka and he stayed in it for a little while.
    Acadia: Again!
    And I’ve seen her evolve again, how beautiful this is a scene really inescapable with words, see my team grow and stay stronger next to me, I lately may not have been the best of the liders but I will improve by them and me, But now it’s my turn.
    Acadia: Yes! I’m bigger.
    Vatir: Congratulations, just be carefull with the egg, your arms-
    Acadia: I know dude, ok, give me this.
    Delly: Now excuse me I’ll do this too.
    I stepped into the light too, closed my eyes and raised my wings waiting for my new form.
    Delly: …
    But nothing happened.
    Delly: …? It’s not… seriusiosly…
    Vatir: Probably you don’t meet the requiriments yet.
    Delly: It’s not that i’m sure of i’m capable of evolving…
    Victor: Anyway, can I enjoy and evolve as well?
    Delly: I will not deny it to you, feel free.
    That was really sad … do I have something different from them?
    ? Is that purple possession?
    Victor: All right, much better now.
    Vatir: Well, apparently everyone who can evolve has tried, want to go too Bubbly?
    Bubbly: I’m fine, thanks.
    Vatir: All right then, let’s go, if Victor had not injured one of the officers in prison we’d have had enough time left to spare.
    So that’s what happened, but what about the others?
    Delly: And what about Joseph and Ares?
    Vatir: Delly anyway I’ll make one thing clear to you, if I do not hurry up to Winden to talk to Kirk and we get caught up again, we probably will not get another chance like this happening out of nowhere, so my question is you come with me until Winden or do you want to rescue Joseph and Ares? be clear that I will not help you rescue them.
    And now what do I do?
    Delly: Vatir?
    Vatir: Ok, here’s your stuffs, I’ll be back in-
    Delly: Wait… sigh right, let’s go…
    What am I doing? Sorry guys.

------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 3
Wingull Delly |Lvl 27 at 45% Female Leader
Graveler Senna |Lvl 26 at 45% Female Active
Chatot Felix |Lvl 25 at 12% Male Active
Beedrill Acadia |Lvl 22 at 81% Female Active
Giarados Kamila |Lvl 21 at 36% Female Active
Sunflora Flowey |Lvl 18 at 32% Male Active

Nincada Terra |Lvl 12 at 99% Female Death

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Yes, I'm not a psychic pokemon type yet, but that does not mean I do not have any such traits in my body, I've been able to move things before, even though it requires me to concentrate a lot.

	Pokemon Mystery Universe
	The purple chaos nuzlocke
	Episode 22: Final showdown - Ares will narrate this episode.
  • Underground plaza still tied in Mariku’s room:
    Cmon stupid bag.
    Ares: nghh… A! Stupid piece of cloth!
    It looks like there’s a steel brick in his bag.
    Ares: Please?
    Once again.
    Ares: Ght!
    This is it, it’s going up.
    Ares: Now I just need to pull it in my dire-.
    And the bag comes flying my direction hiting my stomach.
    Ares: Oww… hmm, everything fell on floor.
    Now I’m seeing the pokeball that I put joseph in, now i just need bring it closer to my face, in fact it was easy too much I did not even need to concentrate so much to bring the object closer to me, when the pokeball was in my height I squeezed the center of it with my nose, he reappeared the same way he was when I captured him, talking.
    Joseph: even if!.. you? What!?
    Ares: Welcome back.
    Joseph: How I’m there? what did you do!?
    Ares: I put you in a pokeball now if you can hurry do the same for me and release me of this thing.
    Joseph: Right.
    He called me back on the pokeball and released me from there.
    Ares: Thanks
    Joseph: I have to say the same putting me in this pokeball was a great idea I suppose.
    Ares: That it was nothing.
    Joseph: Okay, cut this cuteness, let’s do something.
    Ares: We can try break the door.
    Joseph: Unfortunately the z-stone needs recharging.
    Then we began to hear some noises coming from outside, it seemed that someone was battling, until the noise stopped, and out of nowhere a magnemite crashed against the door with high speed destroying the door, apparently was thrown.
  • Magnemite fainted.
    Joseph: Wow?
    Ares: What just happened?
    We left the room and there was nothing but a bunch of magnemites fainted on the floor.
    Joseph: Whatever happened here, I’m not going to wait to find out, come on!
    As we were going through the corridors without having any idea where we were going, I could see that all the security in the place was defeated, that did not leave me very comforted, I am seriously tense.
    Ares: This is incomprehensible, how could this have happened and if … and whatever it is that gets us!?
    Joseph: I think if he ever wanted to do that he would have already done it, do not you think?
    Ares: I think you are right.
    Joseph: Wait, I can see someone far there…
    Right in front of us you could see the silhouette of someone against the light, it looks like a magnezone.
    Joseph: We’d better go back while he has not seen us yet.
    Magnezone: I was waiting for you.
    Ares: oh no.
    Magnezone: There is no reason for you to be afraid, you can come closer.
    Joseph: Psst, Ares! Remenber the z stone is not fully rechaged to be used, só what you think?
    Ares: What I think? what about this!
    Ares: You’re the one who should be afraid of us or want to end up like them!
    Magnezone: Hahahahahaha!
    Ares: Well I tried.
    Magnezone: Do not make me laugh, please come and see this beautiful sun.
    Joseph: What now?
    Ares: I dunno, let’s just go with it…
    So we went up to him and we left that place.
    Ares: Hi?
    Magnezone: Hungry?
    Then he showed us some berrys that were beside him.
    Ares: Have a little logic, a stranger offering us food, if you think we’ll take it?
    Magnezone: I think if I ever wanted to do that I would have already done it, do not you think?
    Joseph: Okay, now I’m scared.
    Magnezone: Unfortunately the reception you had in this world was not the friendliest, I understand that.
    Joseph: How much do you know about it?
    Now this conversation is interesting to me, I’m going to enjoy it and eat a little, I do not think I need to be afraid at all.
    Magnezone: Nothing.
    Joseph: Okay, I’m believing, now change my mind.
    Magnezone: With pleasure, an hour ago there was a great rebellion in jail and your white and blue friend escaped from it.
    Ares: The wingull!?
    Magnezone: Yes.
    Joseph: So you want what from us? There must be a reason if it was really you who got us out of here.
    Magnezone: From here you can see this big road leading to north and a big island there, go around that isle and you’ll meet them there eventually.
    Ares: Can we at least know who you are and why you are helping us?
    Magnezone: I’m just another pokemon wanting to save this world.
    Joseph: That does not answer much.
    Magnezone: If I were you I’d hurry to eat and go soon, they will not be long to get through.
    Joseph: Right.
    We follow his orders until we come behind the island he mentioned, the wind here is cold.
  • Exbel plains, Loch Lenile close to Winden passage:
    Joseph: I hope be not late.
    Ares: Have few minutes and nothing yet.
    I was getting tired of waiting, I decided to sit on the road and clean my fur.
    Joseph: Why do not you go into the lake? It’s easier and faster.
    Ares: The wind is cold now, better not.
    Joseph sat down and began to look at the things in the backpack, and I continued to clean myself, after a while we were found, he saw us over a hill near the lake.
    Pencil: How you are there!?
    Mariku: They escaped from plaza while we go to prison?
    Ares: You two cannot just forget us.
    Pencil: I don’t know how you got thru the guards, but this time I’m not going to take it easy.
  • Mariku used pin missile.
    Joseph: oh no!
    The scizor’s attack came at a high speed toward Joseph, but a Graveler appeared out of nowhere and defended him from the attack.
    Senna: Need help?
    Joseph: Thanks.
    And then the delly team showed up behind the cobbles that lay along the side of the road.
    Delly: You escaped!
    Pencil: Glad you have appeared, it saves us the trouble of looking for you now!
    Mariku: Let’s just attack them.
  • Mariku come flying at us and used metal claw.
  • Pencil used close combat.
    Oh my !? they are too brutal, with a single attack they already defeat sunflora that was with the Delly, the graveler managed to withstand the attack.
    Acadia: Sorry but I can’t participate on this, I dont want to let the egg broke.
    Delly: Just run and hide.
    Vatir: Our turn to attack let’s go.
    Joseph: Let’s go too, Ares use flame charge!
    We stayed in battle for a few seconds but nothing seemed to have any visible effect.
  • Pecil used stone edge and Kamila fainted.
    The Gyarados has already been defeated, we are losing this fight!
    Pencil: A tip for you, surrender, it’s better.
    Joseph: Never, Ares Flame charge again.
    Vatir: Why you dont just use that, how it’s called?
    Joseph: It’s inferno overdrive, but my firium z is recharging i cant use this anymor- wait, distract the Vatir, Ares another flame charge.
    Vatir: Alright.
  • Vatir used dig.
  • Ares used flame charge.
    I was already near on top speed, I’m not ever seeing right to where I’m running it’s too fast, i can safely evade their attacks but in same time it’s hard to I hit them too, I hope of Joseph know what they’re doing.
    Joseph: Delly, do the same movement that I’m doing.
    Delly: What?
    Joseph: There’s no time to explain just be my mirror!
    And he started to do the z-move, wait I know this z-move.
    Delly: Like this?
    Joseph: Perfect!
  • Pencil unleashed the stored energy.
    Holy arceus what is it, Vatir get hit by it, I hope he survived it.
  • Vatir fainted.
    Ares: This is not working.
    Joseph: Stay here Delly lets wait an opening.
    Pecil: give me a boost Mariku.
    Mariku: On way!
  • Mariku used sword dance.
    Felix: Ow i’ll take it!
  • Felix mirror move turned into Sword dance.
  • Mariku used baton pass.
    Falix: I’ts my chance!
  • Felix used wing attack on Mariku.
    Mariku: Gah!
    Pencil: You! Take this!
  • Pencil used stone edge.
    The first pillar of stone raised and exploded on the Chatot, but i’ll finish what he started.
  • Felix fainted.
    Ares: Hey scizor for you, this end now!
  • Ares used flame charge.
    Pencil: Not so fast!
  • Pencil used protect in Mariku.
    Joseph: I see you using protect before it’s our chance! Delly!
    Delly: Ready!
    Yes! They’re going to do it!
    Joseph: I will give you the power to destroy any obstacle!
  • Delly prepared her z-move.
    Joseph and Delly: Hidro vortex!
    Pencil: Again!?
    Delly caught the two inside the attack and after the attack ended the two were on the ground.
    Ares: We did it?
    Delly: Wow, this is tiring.
    Ares: The first time is normal to get tired, then you get used to the overload.
    A beedrill came out of the bushes.
    Acadia: We won?
    Delly: Look like yes.
    Joseph: Let’s see if they really will give up.
    They were hurled quite far by the attack, when we got close to them, apparently the timburr was still trying to get up.
    Pencil: Do you think they won? The justice will prevail.
  • Ares started to get in flames.
    Ares: Just-
    Joseph: Don’t do it, it’s not necessary we already won this fight.
    Delly: But better put her to sleep.
  • Delly used water gun.
  • Pencil fainted.
    Then we went back to where the others were, we almost lose.
    Delly: Let me look if Vatir has something in his bag.
    Acadia: He’s over there!
    Delly took a few seedlings from Vitor’s bag.
    Delly: This may work, here take few and make them eat this.
    Delly give me few of this seeds.
    Joseph: What’s it?
    Delly: Reviver seeds.
    Joseph: Interesting.
    Acadia: Hey guys look on this it’s shaking it’s going to hatch now.
    Beedrill put the egg on the floor and it hatched, it’s a Ducklett.
    Acadia: I have no words.
    Delly: Congratulations Acadia.
    Acadia: I waited so long for this moment.
    The Ducklett looked at Acadia and spoke his first word.
    Ducklett: Mommy?

Continue on next episode…

------------------- Team Status | Casualties : 3
Wingull Delly |Lvl 27 at 58% Female Leader
Graveler Senna |Lvl 26 at 45% Female Active
Chatot Felix |Lvl 25 at 12% Male Active
Beedrill Acadia |Lvl 22 at 81% Female Active
Giarados Kamila |Lvl 21 at 65% Female Active
Sunflora Flowey |Lvl 18 at 32% Male Active

Nincada Terra |Lvl 12 at 99% Female Death

  • Somewhere in the mountains:
    Magnezone: They’re in good hands for now.
  • Magnezone returned to it’s original form.
    Mew: I need to avoid being so close of them the most possible, I dont want to put them in danger.
    Mew: For now it’s better I head of to Void isle, That’s the time for me do the last step…

Original RTF file: http://www.geocities.ws/protox/PMUTPCN/PMUTPCN_ch01c.rtf

  • Xindage’s house, outside:
  • knock *knock
    Delly: It’s me Delly.
    Xindage: The door is open, come in.
    Delly: hi?
    Xindage: I’m over here finishing the credits for the first chapter.
    Delly: Cool, but few of these events are not mentioned before!
    Xindage: I know i’m planning a reboot.
    Delly: But it’s just begging?
    Xindage: Yes but look, there’s so much errors, most the gramatical too, like “distract THE Vatir” and other like you gaining a bag out nowhere in the first episodes.
    Delly: True I never wondered about this, but I like my green bag.
    Xindage: Now i’ll change lot of stuffs, get ready for small changes in plot too.
    Delly: I wish you luck and for me too.
    Xindage: Ah I was almost forgeting, please Delly, don’t die.
    Delly: You worry so much, You think of it’ll happen?
    Xindage: Who knows?

      Pokemon Mystery Universe
      The purple chaos nuzlocke
      The Cast & Credits, by order of apaerance.

    Delly - Original creation.
    As a wild pokemon she did not much care about what happens away from her island, practically she spent the day playing with her friends, after going through an incident she temporarily lost her memory, so she went to live in a near town and met some new friends, adapting to her new life now she is explorer and will find a great challenge in her life.
    The start of this nuzlocke and this plot, I started to had a love whit this kind of pokemon just because she was my first egg hatch in this game, now her is my main protagonist in this game. Her love for Vatir is what makes Delly follow him no matter what he do.

    Snap & Milly - Nps from the healing inn.
    These two specialists are in charge of caring for pokemons who are seriously injured in battles, trainings or rescues, they live in an inn where they also take care of the wounded, they use their own abilities and medical knowledge for their functions.
    Well I cannot forget these npcs, they heal us for free, everyone need them so they must be on this, not much relevant for plot but they’ll be not forgotten.

    Vatir - Based on my in game friend “I Love Water”.
    An anti-hero with a highly dubious style and with great knowledge, he always had an interest to become a member of the elite and went to study enough for this, Mariku recognized his effort and was preparing to someday help him in his first steps, but now with the arrival of Delly, Vatir began to dedicate more on his own decisions and that will change the course he hoped to take.
    I love gen 6 pokemon and when I see “I Love Water” using a sandile in game it just make me more happy, he was the first guy of I started to talk in game, any coincidence with the plot of this fiction is real, thanks dude for the support in game.

    The pelliper - Npc from housing centre.
    He take care of registering new civilized pokemon to the city, and help with the initial equipments that every new explorer must have.
    He’s necessary but on the otherside I dont see any future for him in this fiction, sorry.

    Veezo - Player of pmu and my contributor.
    Veezo stilll not know what is really happening, but he’s going to be a key for the future of all pokemons, with time he’ll see that he need to step foward and make the right decision to avoid the chaos from happening in the winden when the Elite team not return.
    He helped me in lot of pages in this fiction so well why not add him on this too, actually he is going to be one of the protagonists too, I have good plan for “future” episodes with him too, I cannot say much or i’ll spoiler my plans.

    Omega - My first recruitment.
    Strong by nature and aways alert, surving the prologue of chaos she’s now with Delly to not let what happened in his friends happens to the others, but that is going to cost her life.
    Too bad for her not survived this far, I like to use underused pokemon, it asides was a good way to introduces the recruitment system and gameplay of pmu, rest well my friend you’re with me.

    Leafysaur - Contributor and friend.
    The third know human in elite, the civilizeds are not authorised to know that she’s a human, and the elite team make sure that keeps on the way of it are, having saved the world from the fury of rayquasa on past she is going to see that was just the starting of something much more destructive to come, she know that her is not capable of holding what is coming by yourself again alone, but she can help the selected ones to prevent this from happening.
    Her gave me lot of motivation to continue this fiction, her is who gave me a sight of who is Delly, my avatar that I use in discord, on the plot I started to give her some more attention, so there’s much of what I can still do with this character so the plans was already traced and it’ll soon start to get into the real plot.

    Coki - Moderator of pmu.
    I playful character friend of Kirk since she was just a hoothoot, after years of adventures with the trio she was promoted to be one the the elite, now he help them wherever it’s needed.
    I was scared of add her in this fiction, since I never had much contact with her but when I was doing the second episode I noticed that she’s a good person too, so she have a place here with us, on elite’s team her will be aways along whit then so her is going to appear in lot of episodes too.

    Kirk - Moderator of pmu.
    Another playful character of the Elite team, having obtained this work from Mad he now take care of Exbel town, he was who trained and teached Leafysaur to be a pokemon and they togheter saved the world from rayqausa, now Rayquasa is going to do anything to find him to have the pleasure of defeating him this time.
    I like of he in game, playing whit him and his moderators powers sometimes is really fun, so here is he there too, he have a good plot to be added togheter with Leafy, so my plan for him is done too, on fiction he is a serious and strategical character and love battles, being the current leader of the elite he will still cause some discord.

    Manual the porigon - Npc near the mission board.
    He’s the guard of missions board, he also has a good momory and remenber prescicely anything that happen on the city, he’s a good option if you need information in the town.
    An NPC also well forgotten of the game, although I thought it would be useful to use it, so that he could introduce the missions to Delly.

    Joey & Lana - Two classic npcs from this game.
    They’re both the most strong wilds pokemon from Exbel woods, they take care of this place like if was your home.
    Joey the top 100% rattata that everyone is forced to recruit in tutorial and Lana is the buneary also from the tutorial, the players know her as champ but I decided to give her a proper name, there’s a low chance of they apearing in fiction again.

    Pophe - My second recruitment.
    A wild pokemon from Tiny grotto, after seeing the power of Delly he decided to join with her to leave that place and have some adventures togheter, he’s very protective and doens’t like of seeing anyone getting hurt, that is going to lead them to do some crazy things.
    I considered him as my right arm in game, and losing her in game was hard to accept, but it’s a nuzlocke so I MUST ACCEPT! Was fun playing whit him on plot and I expected using he a lot more in the fiction, now the only thing of i’ll repeat is what Vatir said “First that attack is what i’m thinking, he was sure take into a dimensional travel, the second is… if he survived the attack…”.

    Leonard - The Wigglytuff npc from housing center.
    He keep and maintain the housing center, he take care of graduating the best explorer of the region, so they can be able to create clans, on otherside he is very strong and emotional.
    Nothing better than our guildmaster from pmds, well I tried to get him on this fiction but I’m sure of I failed on this, anyway I did a awsome use for him in tournament, punishing Pencil by tiping advantage, it’s very likely to he appear again on some point.

    Klecleon - The npcs from the shop.
    He runs a shop in the town that everyone loves, it’s unknow from where he get all this resources to sell but some say they come from partnerships with secret exploits or bandits, no one really know yet.
    Our lovely classic seller, I dont wanted to put two of him in fiction so I reduced them to a single npc, he may appear again.

    Mariku - An elite menber.
    Having suffered from a sad past he has managed to move on to become a member of the elite, even with all discipline and education that has been passed on to him, his friendship with the elite has made him become a more social and happy person, now he takes care of helping the novices to learn the basics of the group of expecialists.
    I’ll say the truth this was supposed to be the Scizivire but that day of I was writing it I got really sad with a thing that happened on my life, taking this aside I can say of I forget to change the name and well… that’s a think I can’t turn back… sorry Scizi.

    Kamila - Recruit.
    If she had not met Delly on the Happiness lake she probably would not be on her team today, even with the difficulties of her initial form he managed to overcome the challenges that she encountered and evolved, she has no future plans to do so now she enjoys to have a more hectic life with his new friends.
    A potential character in game and in plot, I’m really hype with this recruitment, from a weak karp to a legendary Giarados, my plans for her in this fiction is still in pogress, I hope dont lost her because I’ll say the truth, training it was very hard in a nuzlocke way.

    Allunian - Hypno the specialist.
    Allunian is an expert in the art of invading the minds of others during sleep and making some changes if necessary, knowing the power that he have in his hands he takes advantage of this to be able to make more money in a dirty or clean way.
    For the first time he had to try to suppress an unknown possession that was in Delly’s mind, so this has a treatment, or was it luck? I intend to make him play a cool role in this fiction, but I may take a while.

    Shadow and his brother - Player of pmu.
    A explorer of Exbel town and his young brother, after seeing his brother be attacked by a vicious creature he is going to train the most possible to be able to defend him for anything.
    I was wanting to train Kamila in game a bit and he helped me on half of this dungeons (I was unable to complete it because no cut mons) he give me a good xp, so I get capable of train Kamila myself, now he’s not going to appear in this comic soon but plan for he apears is done and in a nice way.

    Scott and Felicia – Specialists of Winden
    These two was choosen to be with Chronum in Winden to assist her, since they like of experients that her do, this proved they was the perfect partnes to her, now they support her in winden, at the high grade of explorers.
    I’m preparing both of them to help Veezo on the future episodes, so they’ll appear again.

    Chronum - Elite and leader of Winden.
    He is the only elite of Winden region, but before being an elite he was an expecialist very dedicate in science studies, after several archievements in his job he was promoted to elite, now he have his lab inside the mountains of winden, where he both take care of winden and work on his dangerous experiments, Scott and Felicia is two of the three that help him talking care of the place.
    He’s going to appear a lot in the main story so expect more interesting stuffs to happen.

    Acadia - Recruit.
    Acadia decided to join the team with the intention of be stronger to fight but after finding an egg in Happines lake she apear to dedicate more time to this han the team, her still has a great value to the team and soon she’ll realize the power that her has inside to defend who she loves most.
    This recruitment saved my nuzlocke, I was really needing to have a pokemon capable to learn cut and her apeared on, in plot she is going to be a protective mon of a pokemon that’s just hatched…

    Flowey - Recruit.
    Flowey seens to love dangerous stuffs and it’s very courageous too, his reckless behavior is going to both help the team and cause poblems, he likes of the team too and will respect Delly leadership.
    Not the recruit of I expected to get in Sunny hills, I was wanting to get a grumpig, but I have this thing “AAAAA”, well at least sunflora has good abilities so it can turn to be a good pokemon later in game.

    Mew, Celebi and Jirachi - The legenday psichic trio.
    With the help of Jirachi Mew and Celebi forced a human coming to this dimension to save the world, but they’re the right humans for it? After being pursuated by a possesed Palkia and forced to fight, Mew lost the battle and Celebi teleported away with Palkia. For now Mew escaped and Jirachi is hiding her presence in somewhere.
    Just a reason to explain why human ends in pokemon’s world, this time with a twist of bringing a pokemon whit him, Mew and Celebi is going to appear more in plot but not the same for Jirachi.

    Joseph - The “chosen” human.
    Joseph dont want to be a hero of a place that he dont even know, he’s still with Delly team to get awners but he’s going to do things in future that even Ares doubt to be true, but now like any pokemon he’ll be forced by Vatir to learn how to battle properly.
    Like a cliche, here’s the human but I’m not wanting to be so protagonist with it, I don’t want to spoiler much of the plot, so I’ll keep the future of him secret.

    Ares - The initial pokemon of Joseph.
    Ares not wanted to be in this dimension too, because of it she’s very angry, but soon she’ll realise how this place need of her too and this can change her temper, for now her’s getting rivalry with Delly because she just wont like her, soon this rivalry is going to be the tool to make both grow strong.
    Ares is that cliche breaker not being a human brought to pokemon world is really fun to use in this fiction and capable of using z-moves, it’s too good! Ares has a very long journey in this plot.

    Pencil - Elite menber of Tanren region.
    Pencil is very attached to the rules, and it is easy to distrust anyone, Mariku is his best friend and he likes his company very much, even so it does not stop him from going against Vatir and Delly, she is still going to cause a lot of headache in them, and also within the elite.
    Pencil is a moderator of pmu and I was so scary of how pencil was going to react to it, but I’m glad that her like it, she is going to appear a lot in this fiction and in possible special Tanren episodes as well.

    Rayquasa - The main villain.
    When Rayquasa was banished to the space she encountered a strange meteorite charged with energy, after destroying all the rock, there was only a very bright purple crystal inside it, but to the touch of the crystal that unleashed all contained power inside it, that corrupted the rayquasa mind making it more evil than before, now it seeks to corrupt all the others legendary to its own will to later be able to destroy all the relics of this planet, including the main one, the crystal of life. The strength contained in this crystal is unknown to the pokemons, but it seems to affect certain pokemons in different ways, making them stronger and dangerous.
    I’m having poblem to properly apply Rayquasa in this fiction but sometime it’ll appear for real.

    Cyntia - The missing wife of mad.
    Cyntia is one of the few who can use her type at the highest levels to create illusions and even move objects with the power of the mind, he decided to stay in her husband’s house and not go out for unknown reasons, yet he willingly assists the newly arrived human by saying why he was brought into this world.
    Her role in this fiction was just that, she will still appear once more, but you can be sure that it will not be very relevant.

    Mad - Former successor of Heracy in elite leadership.
    The second human brought to this world. Even becoming the leader of the elite he always liked to write books and to do some thing considered by the other pokémon as very strange, then it was dubbed like “The Mad”, that did not bother much to him that even accepted it like its name, after marrying Cyntia he created a house very similar to that of humans, isolated on the garden island, after few years he passed the leadership of the elite to Kirk who even young even accepted the service that he is dedicated today.

    Senna & Felix - Recruits
    Senna, playful, hurried and loves to fight, Felix, calm and strategist, even its characteristics being too controversial to each other, yet they always do everything together, maintaining the balance between them, your new friends will take them to Delly and beyond.
    I don’t beated mt.sky yet but nothing blocks me from going there just to recruit Felix and scape, I did the same for Senna, they were the main keys to winning the Cliffside cave with the minimum of losses, since in game I lost Phope there.

    Beartic - Tamiel the prince of winden.
    With the government’s downfall by Kirk in winden, Tamiel refused to accept the new system by taking refuge in the forests and always causing some poblems in the region, yet he was never strong enough to cause something serious, and was always defeated by Chronum or by the specialists of the region.
    He is still alive but still not sure if he will be on the side of the elite or himself still.

    Victor - Prisoner in exbel.
    With illegal abilities called power cast he was arrested for much thefts caused by him, with an opportunity of escape found with the group of Delly he had returned to see the light of day even that should not.
    He is not my recruit, yet he’ll appears a lot in this fiction, because his abilities caught the attention of Delly.


Delly: And now take a look at what will probably be the next episode of next season!
Ep01 - Whiteer than snow, welcome to ghost winden.
Delly: A big thanks for everyone that’s following and reading me this far you’re the best!
Delly: See you on the next episode, bye!