Popplio Sprite/Portrait

so me & my bud joined pmu recently and weve been havin a lot of fun so i decided to try my hand at making my favourite alolan starter!!

this is the first sprite ive created in a long long time so id appreciate any feedback
i also left some of my graphical notes on here, in case youre wondering what the red/blue is! have a good day!!


oh my gosh this is beyond precious!! everything about this sprite is amazing, i love that the special attack is it going up on its tail flippers!
keep up the amazing work c:

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It’s lovely… and adorable : D an amazing work <3

But the eyes look like it’s sad D: (this is just my opinion, it doesnt mean that it will make the sprite bad tho. If it has to be like that, i dont mind)

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this is super cute i appreciate this

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Oh, this is really good! Every outlines have to be black, though. But beside it it’s very good.
Also, you don’t need to bother with special attack animation.

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thank you so much everybody!! im flattered!!!

ive made some changes from feedback, wondering if these lines are any better?
i dont think i can do much about the eyes without making it look kinda odd!

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This is amazing keep it up! :)

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Ahh, I would love to see this in game! It’s so cute!!!

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Aww! I love Popplio and Brionne so much, and I love these sprites too! They look awesome imo, and I hope they get into the game. ^^

thank you!!! youre all so super nice!

this is soooo adorable aaaah !!!

Popplio and its evolutions are so awesome! I hope they make it into the game soon. Good job Popploir :D

I absolutely adore these, keep up the great work!

Wow, these sprites are beyond adorable! Great work.

What will be the next? I’m keen on seeing the next thing :rawr:

Little did you know that soon, these would be the official sprites in a few years.

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