Potential New Mimikyu Sprite (Including Shiny)

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a new sprite for Mimikyu, since it’s my favorite Pokemon, even though I’m new to making PMD style sprites… [’:

There might be some screw ups or small mistakes since I’m not familiar with making sprites like this, but I can make changes or touch ups if needed tbh. This took a couple of days or so, but I’m quite satisfied with it!!

mimikyu sprite final

shiny mimikyu sprite final

Hope you guys like it! :purple_heart: <:


On the attacking sprites in both normal and Shiny forms, its bottom eyes don’t exist… put those eyes and this will definetely get in the game! Eyes or not, the sprites are almost flawless

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The eyes are there! They’re just hard to see since the eyes have that gleam effect, and it’s hard to see such a light color on the pale yellow. :<

I wasn’t really sure how to make that stand out more, but maybe I’ll try to make adjustments for that! Thank you though, I really appreciate the comment. :purple_heart:

I have an idea! Make an effect that makes Mimikyu’s eyes shine in a Dark-Red tone! This will certainly makes its eyes easier to see!

The attack sprites are based on Mimikyu’s attack animation in the main games, so I don’t think I can change the color of the eye shine/gleam, unfortunately. Maybe I’ll potentially look into changing them though to make them easier to see? :o