Registering Account

Hi! I downloaded y’all’s game last night, and I’m trying to register my account. I enter my wanted username, password, password again, then create account. Then it comes upu with the blue box that says ‘Creating account’.

Well, it never does. The first time I let it run for about two hours before killing it. I tried again, then, and let it run overnight while I slept. I got up today (after 14 hours!) and it was still running, so I killed it. What’s going wrong?

Hi there! I’ve honestly never heard of this issue happening before… and its definitely a strange one.

What OS are you using, and do you have the latest .NET framework?

Hi! I’m on Windows 10! I’m not sure, I’ll try downloading it and seeing if it works! <3

I tried downloading it, it says that I already have it! <3