Server Upgrades/Modifications


In the next week or so, we’ll be doing lots of modifications to the server. The server will still be on, just expect it to crash more often until we finish. If you find any bugs, please post about it here.

This was just a heads up :P


Were done upgrading the server for the most part now, it should be pretty stable :)


um why is the sever down


It crashed. It does that sometimes


The game should stop using CAPS.
It’s cruise control for cool but even in cruise control you have to steer.


o ok thanks how do you become an admin though


not the place to ask. And here: … =105&p=480


oooo k thanks bye now :D :D :D :? :roll:


Um…In pmu, When I get in ash forest 4th floor or Poke-town dojo floor 2 or that tower with ghost types, Pmu automaticly freeses in my computer. My computers Vista, and… I LIKE PHOENIX WRIGHT!


Wrong forum.
Please post this on a new topic in the help category.