So What's Happening?

Figured I give a bit of a breakdown one what’s up and about~

Currently are programming division will be rather slow this month mainly due to the hiatus taken from a quarter of the team.
Projects like the /ignore function and less clunky chats is currently up for consideration, but is currently slowed down from the number of chat overhauls it needs before we are able to functionally apply it.

We currently have a collaboration team working in the side to work on concepts of a new interface design. While I know we are no where near a conclusion, I’m really excited to see something more refined and less of a hassle to use.

There are at least two dungeons currently on the idea process at the moment by active members. There are hints on legendary Pokemon making an appearance in one dungeon. The other dungeon hints of a setting of grassy pastures.

A handful of mappers including myself are working on revamping Exbel Plains. We are currently trying to aim for more depth and details in the aesthetics of the region.

The other dungeon hints of a setting of grassy pastures.


Spore and Sleep powder spammers inc.[/b]

PMU Trello

Plenty of suggestions there, at least for the GUI.

I know a lot of players have asked this but what happened to the events? Are they cancelled because of partial staff team hiatus or something else?

Thanks for the update Flare, really appreciate it.

@ Kaen: Aw, you’re welcome :D

@What: Ah, that’s a good question.
I’ll have to get back to you on that on. Since school started we may need to change people to host it and figure out a time.

@Mega: Heheh, keep guessing. That’s not quite how it’s going to be. :la:

Grassy pastures make me think of one thing…


I was informed that the events happen on Saturday.

Haha, now that’s a good guess. :D

@Mega: Heheh, keep guessing. That’s not quite how it’s going to be. :la:[/quote]

You liar :P, i know this game too well.

You liar :P, i know this game too well.[/quote]
You might know the game well, but you might not know the dungeon creator well. If it’s a grass dungeon, it might be Powder Spam, but… There’s also a chance that it might not be filled with grass-types, but filled with “fairy-types”. :>

[b]No need debate this i was just kidding ^^.

Im also hoping it to be a high leveled dungeon, exbel doesn’t really have any IMO[/b]

Is there going to be a mapping contest anytime soon?

We may be hearing some news on a mapping contest pretty soon.

In general, we’re aiming to boost development activity on all fronts, as well as getting some more community based events going. It’s a bit difficult what with many of our staff members getting back into school, but in the coming months there will be improvement.

In the mean time, feel free to ask questions, and we will answer them to the best of our abilities (as long as they are about the game/website/forums)