Sprite help please

I’d like to find some way of making Sprites cause I don’t really know how to do that,some instructions would be nice if there isn’t any already

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What you do Is make a sheet ( you know, draw the sprite Itself + frames ) then If It’s a Gen 6 mon or below you can test how It looks In the PMU toolkit and optionally arrange Into a .sprite file to be converted by staff. If It’s Gen 6+ — even If It’s not really, I would put the sprite frames Into animated gifs so you can show how the sprite should look In-game when submitting the sprite.

When spriting you should have sprites or animations for:

  • The Idle
  • Walking
  • Attacking
  • Attacking when using a move that does not glide ( allow you to move while you execute the move )
  • Sleeping
  • The shiny
  • All the above for facing the front, left, back, and right

Since all Gen 1-4 sprites besides Rotom’s forms are official their regular or “glide” attacking sprites look like this, so I think when making your own they should be animated and have multiple frames, looking similar to the above. Diagonal and hurt sprites are not used as far as I know

More or less all you do Is make a sheet and staff kind of handle the rest?
For whatever reason we aren’t allowed to know how to make .chara files so I don’t know at all how they are arranged but that’s what I’d do when making a sprite.

As for portraits pretty much all you do Is draw the portrait and post It. Portraits should be 40x40 In size. Here’s a blank portrait you can use image

When I sprite I use MS Paint, Paint.NET and Photoshop. Usually I use MS Paint. For portraits I open them In Paint.NET to easily recolor. I use Photoshop when making gifs of sprites.

And make sure your sprites/portraits look like they’re from PMD. Reference other sprites and how they look. There’s a nice guide that was never finished about this here. Of what was done It has an Imgur link with an Image with guidance on how PMU sprites are sculptured.


Thank you very much!