Suggestion: New Party Features

1 - Party Bag

When making a party, you can turn this option on or off. If you turn on, your items and your party allies’ items will be all stored in 1 bag. All players can use/give items (give items as long as it’s not attached to any other pokémon). When a player leaves a party, it recovers all of its items (excluding, for example, a Escape Orb/Rope you used to leave the party, as long as it was on your bag originally). When having a Party Bag, collected items will be shared randomly between party members.

2 - Power of Teamwork (Also known as power of anime protagonist lol )

When players are at least 4 tiles close to each other, damaging moves will deal 10% more damage (times each player close, Swords Dance Power Of Teamwork Level 4 Hyper Beam would do a horrendous amount of damage, for example)

3 - Shinyhunter Teamwork

Misc boost before I get into the sweet, sweet dream update: Friend Bows are appliable for each party teams, giving a 40% chance to all players!

For each player present in a party, there will an extra 0,05% chance of finding a Shiny and an extra 0,50% chance of recruiting Pokémon it. This makes possible of recruiting previously uncatchable Pokémon like wild Altaria in Mt. Skylift (increasing by 2% + Guildmaster Rank 15% + Golden Mask 24% + 4 Friend Bows 10% + 10% Level 100 Pokémon Boost = 102%, making Altaria’s recruit chances catchable. If the Pokémon is already recruitable divide the chance by 2, if the number isn’t even, increase 1% before the division).

Which of the 3 you want the most? Do you agree with all? If you agree with at least 1, vote below :

Which update options you agree with?
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  • 1 & 2
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And then, vote upwards!

while I do think giving a few more party buffs would be nice, the first suggestion would be near impossible to implement, the second one is okay and the 3rd is op.

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I think that option 1 would just cause more frustration when u are partying up with someone that’s not someone you would usually run with.

option 2 seems viable, just that this could make HT much easier as people can just clump up in the small rooms and kill everything.

option 3 just will break shiny hunting that make shiny much less worth than they are.

Another option that i think could also be implentmented is a party map. When u don’t flash, you teammate should be able to see where u are on the map, and what part you explorer rather than just a personal map.