Suggestion - Tile Rotations?


I think it would be cool and useful if we could rotate and/or flip tiles when building our houses…
Alot of the time I want to add something but the tile is backwards to what i need…
it would also be cool as we could make upside down maps or distortion realms!

To flip a tile i think it should be to hold down or press shift or tab…
rotation could be the other one and press an arrow key to shoose direction or simply have it rotate 90’ once per press…


[i]Sounds like a good idea but…

Why just tiles? why not a camera rotation instead? (rotating the camera instead would mean easier building at a normal view, rather than placing everything upside down, also what about player sprites?)

As for flipping, separate flipped sprites could be added but that would over populate the list, and as far as I know, Flare is the person with the know how on making a list of tiles that wont be distorted on use/added to PMU.[/i]


This isn’t happening any time soon as the current members of PMU have no access to the source code.
Anything that is client side is impossible for them to implement. Ex. Sorting, bug fixes, etc. The only way we could have flipped tiles is to add them for every tile in their respective tileset.


that summarizes it ^ #closed :joy:


I would greatly agree with his post tile rotations will not be happening at all unless they had the tiles as separate sprites to the game and use the updater to send it to all clients then it could be possible but that wouldn’t even be rotation it would just simply be tiles that have been added but facing a different direction via spriting.


Thanks for the cool suggestion!

Definitely something we want to look into in the future - we’ve seen this suggestion quite some times and I’m sure there’s nothing against it.


I support the idea.
what if it needs some coding since we have no coders?