Team Otaku


In a pokemon fan game there is and can only be one hardcore anime fan guild and thats us ^^ so join or well make you >.< for details ask me in game or one of our mems can sign u right up :D

So as anime fans we need to carve a path, not only for us to follow, but for those anime fans that are noobs, for right or for wrong we must drill a path for them we must break down the walls that seperate us, and form a single drill, not Your drill not my drill but a drill that will perce the heavens themselfs and lead all that want truth justice and anime spriling to a new hight, one that can not be meet by regular means one that is true one that not only unifies but utimently binds us all togeter one that is truth justice and japanisse cuture, thats otaku, thats the team just who…in the hell… do you think we are!!!


Here are the members as far as I know.

Sonic - The boss guy
the blue man
Fire Grantz
Death Note

Now the new members come


We appreciate the thankfullness for my leader to make up this team and we really need more mems so be on a lookout for master sonic. ,Fire Grantz





So yeh

recruit me

make me a recuriter

cause I own

nuff said.


A figure sits on a rock, his robe covers his face, he turns toward you, you see a red eye, it flashes in the darkness…

“Team Otaku… will rise again!”


Can I join? I am… well… Jinxatu :3


I just wanted to tell you guys that, not only we’re alive, but I am also loging in game more often.
(if you haven’t already noticed) What does that mean for you crazy people out there? well it basicly means that, Otaku has made it’s return. and this time we’re for serious… if any of you people want to know what we stand for, well you need to look at the definition of otaku…

Otaku: japanese for obsessed, most of the time used in pop culture to refer to people who enjoy anime and manga.

Now just because the name of the guild is otaku, DOES not mean that you have to like anime to join, most otaku’s also enjoy videogames. Maybe you just want to be in the same guild as the Primal kabutops, the black flame, Sonic!

Or maybe you want to be in the same guild of the best sprite comic creator on the forums… Krandel!!

Or maybe you just like how it sounds… yea


thats good to know sonic :D if i could id like to join the team! :3


What does Otaku mean anyway?


I’d guess it’s about time to make a new list… and all that jazz, for those of you who want to be in it, thats fine, just find one of us in game, or maybe talk to Qbone, he’s in charge of recurtiment now and all, anyways here’s the new list.

Sonic - Leader
Krandel - Secertary
Soul Fire - Awesomely Insane
Qbone250 - Recurter
Fire Paul - Member
Dragon master - Member

I’m not sure about people on the old list other than these, they still may be Otaku but i haven’t seen them around…

Collor cordinated depending on rank in game, why?

Because i felt like it!


Seriously what does Otaku mean?


Seriously check one of my earlier posts… here i’ll quote myself…

Otaku: japanese for obsessed, most of the time used in pop culture to refer to people who enjoy anime and manga.


Oh okay


Hey peoples, just wanted to tell you that the Otaku team Might (and I’m not sure yet) Do a trainathon, for those of you in otaku, I would help you lvl. I would accompany you into a dungion and over see your training. Now when is the question, I’m thinking either the 12th at around 7:00 central time. I may be on as well late the 11th. Where is a good question, I’m personaly thinking solid stone. Brings back some good memories for me, but it all depends as well on who attends. I’m looking forward to it!!!

Also I will allow some people from other guilds. Just come on down, and train with us!

Depending on how orginized the event is, you may be able to enter to win a poke prize. The one who lvl’s the most could win up to 2500 poke!

Hope you all drop bye. Let’s have fun with it!