The Great Deluge of Maps


A whole load of maps I’ve made over time that hopefully show progress, stagnation when mapping doesn’t sound good aha. I’m still digging around for more saved somewhere. Let me know what you think!~

A few weren’t screenshotted right so the weather’s kinda ruined the effect, oh well.~

Hilltop Village

Cerulean Outpost

Secluded Home

Weathered Garden

Frosted Fields

Foregone Garrison

Whiteout Acropolis


Currently infatuated with Foregone Garrison. I LOVE the combination of the jungle grass on top of the wooden ruins dungeon tiles. Also it was really nifty that you used sky tiles for the water! It looks like it’s a reflection. 0:


Thanks so much :D that was my entry for last year’s mapping contest.
I can guarantee you’d be sick of that combo if you saw how often I use it aha, at least a couple other times that I’ll upload eventually.~


I’m in love with Frosted Fields. I love how you used a lighter type of cliff to show that it’s underwater. 10/10


Thanks Goomy!~
That was my first expanded map, I planned that much bigger without factoring in that it would cost a lot xD

I bring more maps!~

Crystal Cliffs

Coastal Training Grounds

Treetop Guild

Greengrove Settlement

Snowblanket Town

Lootfilled Blockhouse


Wow these are amazing ! Hope to see more :la:


Thanks so much, those two posts were the bulk that I found so from here it may just be as I map them.~


:!!: :!!: :!!:

WOW. I’m speechless, your mapping style is outstanding…The way you combine different tiles, especially water tiles, gives the maps a more “real” look.

Keep up the amzing work!!!


Thanks Coki! hopefully I can make some totally new ones if I can get some tiles I made added :joy:

…And more!~ A few of these are more simple and minimal in style.

Treehouse Cafe

Ridgetop Guild

Winter Solaceon Town Redo

Sequestered House


These are all very great must of took you a while to gather up all this awesome in a few screenies :D


Wow these are really creative! I like the treehouse style ones best, they really feel like they are up in the trees. Also winter solaceon town looks lovely, I could never figure out how to use those grass and flower tiles without looking odd. Yours are very subtle.


Thanks both of u :D Solaceon Town was on a whim but I think it could’ve looked better with more tiles available. And plenty more screenshots to come hopefully.~


These maps are very fascinating to see! I hope to see more of your mapping work. :la:


Some more updates in 50x50!

Tranquil Lakeside

(These 4 are part of a personal project within something I’m helping out with~)

Acropolitan Passage

Whiteout Acropolis Entrance (Expanded)

Acropolis Settlement

Inside The Fort


Yo Trekker!!! How do you make these maps so fast? Do you use the Map Editor on the game or the one that comes with when you download? If it’s the latter, how do you use it? I want to make some maps and upload some at a decent pace.


It’s just the in-game map editor, I don’t think the one that comes with the client’s worked in some time :’: The stuff I just put up was done in the space of about a week :joy:


Ohhh, I see. Well keep up the good maps!! Good Luck.


A little progress map~
Serves as a test of sorts for a lot of new tiles in a recent update :D

Urban Starfield


That looks very cool
Keep it up!


Thanks Suzzy!~
Two new maps, one created as a remake of sorts for Cerulean Outpost thanks to the fixed tiles, and another design inspired by a design of Scizivire’s with some tile variation using the Autumn themed ones :)

Augustine Outpost

Rustic Garden